'Dietland' denied another shot by AMC despite fresh script

From tackling issues like patriarchy, misogyny, rape culture, and unrealistic beauty standards with elan, AMC's 'Dietland' had also received favorable reviews

                            'Dietland' denied another shot by AMC despite fresh script

In spite of a catching up with the times, AMC has just announced that 'Dietland' will not be coming back for another season. The show, starring Joy Nash as Alicia Kettle, Tamara Tunie as Julia Smith, Robin Weigert as Verena Baptist, Rowena King as Cheryl Crane-Murphy and Adam Rothenberg as Dominic O'Shea, did not make the cut in spite of favorable reviews and critical acclaim.

The show followed Alicia Kettle, a ghostwriter for a popular New York fashion magazine who finds herself in the crossroads after she decides to undergo a weight loss surgery. She's plagued by her low self-image and when she does decide to change that, she is at her wit's end figuring out what empowerment means. The show is an excellent commentary on the changing world of today and is known to deal with topics like patriarchy, misogyny, rape culture, and unrealistic beauty standards with elan. 


The show's viewership, however, remained low right from the season premiere in June. It started with less than 1 million viewers and by the time it got to its finale, it was down to 537,000 viewers only. The adult viewership was even more disappointing - only 158,000 viewers under 50 watched the finale. It appears to be an obvious decision for AMC to let the show go. 

Ironically, the show's writers had earlier switched their whole script to get the audience on board. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, showrunner Marti Noxon had 'Dietland' rewritten. She told The Wrap, "I think that we were lucky that the story about Harvey broke when we were just location scouting, and none of the scripts had been shot yet. We did rewrite to reflect a kind of ‘post-reckoning world." She also added that 'Dietland' was like "the next extension of the Me Too movement." She said, "What if people took it even to the next level and went after the predators who are active today?" 

After the announcement, an AMC rep reportedly praised the show calling it, "bold, original and brave" and that it had "garnered critical acclaim and passionate fans." They also added, "We are beyond proud of our partnership with Marti Noxon, Joy Nash, Julianna Margulies, Skydance and everyone else involved in bringing Sarai Walker’s story to the screen." While some shows that aren't crowd pullers have stayed on the screen for a second season, for 'Dietland' the numbers were just not enough.