'The Little Drummer Girl': AMC announces November premiere date for upcoming spy thriller

The six-part miniseries will premiere on November 19 and boasts a stellar cast including Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Shannon, and Florence Pugh

                            'The Little Drummer Girl': AMC announces November premiere date for upcoming spy thriller

AMC has announced that its television adaptation of John le Carré's popular spy thriller 'The Little Drummer Girl' will premiere in the US in November. The premiere will be a three-night television event with the two-hour series pilot airing on November 19 at 9 pm ET/PT and additional two-hour episodes airing on consecutive nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on November 20 and November 21. 

The six-part miniseries will feature quite the star-studded cast. Featuring alongside Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winner Alexander Skarsgård ('Big Little Lies') are twice Academy Award-nominated and Tony-nominated Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water, Nocturnal Animals) and BAFTA-nominated Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth).

Alexander Skarsgårdand and Florence Pugh in 'The Little Drummer Gir' (Source: IMDb)
Alexander Skarsgårdand and Florence Pugh in 'The Little Drummer Girl' (Source: IMDb)

Shannon has been cast in the role of Martin Kurtz, an Israeli spy working at a clandestine agency, while Pugh will be Charlie, a young, radical left-wing English actress who assists Kurtz as part of an elaborate scheme to discover the whereabouts of a Palestinian terrorist. Skarsgård will be portraying Becker, a mysterious character whose role in the series is still unknown.

An official description for the series reads: "Blurring the fine lines between love and hate; truth and fiction; and right and wrong, 'The Little Drummer Girl' weaves a suspenseful and explosive story of espionage and high-stakes international intrigue."

"Set in the late 1970s, the pulsating thriller follows Charlie (Pugh), a fiery actress and idealist whose resolve is tested after she meets the mysterious Becker (Skarsgård,) while on holiday in Greece. It quickly becomes apparent that his intentions are not what they seem, and her encounter with him entangles her in a complex plot devised by the spy mastermind Kurtz (Shannon). Charlie takes on the role of a lifetime as a double agent while remaining uncertain of her own loyalties."

The spy thriller marks the television debut of filmmaker Park Chan-wook who is best-known for helming critically acclaimed works such as 'Oldboy,' 'The Handmaiden,' and 'Stoker.' It was filmed on the streets of London and Prague, as well around architectural marvels such as the Acropolis in Athens and the Temple of Poseidon in Greece’s Attica Peninsula.

'The Little Drummer Girl' hails from the executive producers of the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning series 'The Night Manager' and will be financed and produced by The Ink Factory in partnership with 127 Wall and co-producers the BBC and AMC.

The series is written by Michael Lesslie and Claire Wilson, with Simon and Stephen Cornwell serving as executive producers alongside Joe Tsai, Arthur Wang, Park Chan-wook, Wonjo Jeong, Michael Lesslie and John le Carré. Mona Qureshi is the executive producer for the BBC and Kristin Jones for AMC. Laura Hastings-Smith (Howards End, Macbeth, Hunger) serves as producer.