Cousin Ambrose may just be more than the comic relief in part 2 of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

The mysterious Ambrose Spellman will have a bigger role to play in part 2 of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' because he has a new position, a new identity, and a newfound freedom

                            Cousin Ambrose may just be more than the comic relief in part 2 of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

Part 2 of the bewitching series is all set to premiere this Friday and while all our favorite cast members will return to cast a spell on us, some may have already had us charmed since season 1. Essentially, fans have been smitten not just by Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) but even her partner in crime, Ambrose Spellman or 'Cousin Ambrose',  played by Chance Perdomo. 


Ambrose, Sabrina's suave British cousin is one character who establishes that 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,' is not a bit reflective of the 90s' sitcom 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch.' We saw the warlock using necromancy and black magic to resurrect the dead when his cousin Sabrina demanded that he help her. However, things went really wrong in season 1 when Sabrina tried to bring her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle's dead brother Tommy back. The episode that ensued was hilarious and dark in equal amounts. 

Identifying as pansexual, the warlock has a much bigger part to play in the coming season as the first installment ended up with him dating another warlock named Luke (Darren Mann). His colorful love life is certainly of interest to fans. 

That said, Ambrose has mainly been seen as comic relief in an otherwise dark adaptation of Archie Comics. However, with the end of season 1, we realize Ambrose has more purpose in the show than just being Sabrina's partner-in-crime and using "cousin," as his catchphrase.


Ambrose Spellman played by Chance Perdomo (Netflix)
Ambrose Spellman played by Chance Perdomo (Netflix)

From what we have seen in the first few episodes of season 1, Ambrose embodies a free person despite being under house arrest. His sentence is reduced by the end of the season by Father Blackwood and the epitome of a free individual may be explored more as he shows interest in Prudence, as well as Luke. Some fans even opine that Ambrose is a replacement of a talking Salem from 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch,' as the familiar was more of a character in the previous sitcom than he is now, in the new series. 

Ardent Sabrina fans have traced Ambrose's presence in the 1970's comics where Ambrose is the name of a middle-aged man who helps Sabrina find her side as a good witch. In the Netflix show, however, he is played by Perdomo as the young cousin aligned with mischief, folly, and notoriety. 

In Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's 2014 comic book, on which the Netflix show is based off, Ambrose is definitely Sabrina's cousin who is in indefinite house arrest after he reveals his powers to a mortal. Ambrose moves from the Old Country to the Spellman women's house, a mortuary. In the TV adaptation, he has been in Sabrina's household for 75 years and his sentence is reduced towards the finale as Father Blackwood, the High Priest, is impressed by Ambrose's loyalty. He even offers him a position at the Academy of the Unseen Arts.


Not much is known about his early life, and we aren't even sure how old he actually is. However, the only giveaway about his past is when he tells Blackwood "My father died young. He was killed by witch hunters. I drifted from university to university, trying to find a father figure. And then, I found one," he says in season 1 when explaining why he tried to bomb the Vatican. The "father figure," reference is to an occultist named Aleister Crowley.

Although he is the only one to be arrested for the crime, Ambrose refuses to give the name of others, and Father Blackwood is impressed. So when season 2 opens up, Ambrose has definitely taken up a new position, is a free warlock and yet so mysterious. Who then can be a more juicier fan favorite character than the one who is a human version of Salem, who owns the word "cousin" like it's the most fun word to utter?