Amber Heard slammed for body-shaming Johnny Depp by calling him 'fat': 'He looks much better after split'

Amber Heard slammed for body-shaming Johnny Depp by calling him 'fat': 'He looks much better after split'
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Fans of Johnny Depp started rallying behind the actor after a copy of a deposition from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star’s employee, Tara Roberts, went viral recently where she spoke about witnessing Amber Heard fat-shaming him.

In her deposition, Roberts mentioned she bore eyewitness to the 'Aquaman' actress both verbally and physically attacking the actor in December 2015 on his private island in the Bahamas. In one such instance, Heard reportedly said, "Your career is over, no one’s going to hire you, you’re washed up, fat, you’ll die a lonely man.”

A copy of the deposition was shared on Twitter by a user called Support Johnny Depp and it quickly went viral with people flocking to the comments section to slam the actress for body-shaming their idol. 

“After all these years, Johnny Depp looks great for his age. All the stress she put him through is probably what made him pack on a few, but he still looks amazing,” one of them commented, while another wrote, “Johnny Depp is beautiful af and doesn’t need a diet but alright sis."

Actors Amber Heard (L) and Johnny Depp attend the 8th Annual HEAVEN Gala presented by Art of Elysium and Samsung Galaxy at Hangar 8 on January 10, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

Yet a third commented: “There’s nothing wrong with the way Johnny looks he's still as handsome as he was when he was 20 years old but that's the thing he's not 20 anymore and as we age our body changes and to shame him for that is absolutely disgusting and she should get boot up the a**e!”

A fourth user pointed out that regardless of how Depp looked or how much he weighed, body-shaming itself was wrong. 

"When was Johnny ever 'fat'? Sure, I’ve seen him with a little more meat on his bones and I mean..I have zero complaints. Not that his weight matters, but if she leginately (sic) said those things to him, she should be ashamed of herself. Body shaming is not ok," the user said. 

One of the users turned the tables around on Heard, adding that if Depp looked younger now than he looked when he was married to her, it said more about the kind of toxic relationship she had trapped him in than anything else. "He actually looks like 10 years younger than when he was with her so... clearly the problem was her," the user said.

In the deposition, Roberts also went on to point out that she never saw Depp lay a finger on Heard, despite facing a tirade of abuse from her. 

"I saw Amber lunge at Johnny, clawing, tugging and aggressively pulling him. He continued to stand there yelling at her to stop and leave him alone... During this entire incident, I never saw Johnny hit Amber, or push her back, nor did he physically react to the attacks," the deposition read. 

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