Amber Heard's friend defended Johnny Depp after abuse allegations, claimed actress had no visible injuries

Amber Heard's friend defended Johnny Depp after abuse allegations, claimed actress had no visible injuries
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Amber Heard's friend sided with her former husband Johnny Depp as she did not see Heard being injured. 

Back in 2016, the former couple had chosen to split up and part ways. Their breakup had been very controversial and ended up in a legal battle with Heard claiming Depp had been violent and abusive. However, very recently, an audio clip surfaced of Heard confessing she had hit Depp. 

She had even taunted the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star saying that no one would believe that a man like him would be abused by a woman like her. A friend of Heard's, Laura Divenere sided with Depp in a shocking move. Divernere had been Heard's interior decorator and they were friends. 

As per court documents obtained by the Blast, Divenere never saw any injuries on Heard. As reported by Fox News, she shared, "I was with Amber and interacted with her frequently on the several days immediately following her abuse allegation ... including at least on May 23, 24, 25."


"On those days, I worked with Amber, retrieved packages for her, rode elevators with her, and saw her up close and in person. On none of those days immediately following the abuse claims did I observe any signs of physical abuse or injury, including redness, swelling, cuts, bruising, or damage of any kind. I never saw Amber injured in any way, although I am now aware that she has had many different abuse claims," she added. 

Depp's lawyers had also claimed that Heard had painted on bruises in order to get a temporary restraining order from Depp. Divenere also shared that she had never heard any domestic violence allegations from Heard or Depp. Contrary to Heard's claims that she was the victim, Divenere said it was actually Heard who was abusive to her staff. 

"I witnessed Amber being verbally abusive towards her former assistant Kate, screaming at her on the phone," Divenere shared. In court documents, Depp had also said that Heard had a history of violence. In 2009, she was arrested for assaulting her then-girlfriend Tasya Van Ree. 


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