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#CutForAmber: Actress allegedly called SICK TREND 'sweet' as Johnny Depp fans rush to help her supporters

Heard stans did not take the jury verdict well, with some going to the point of hurting themselves to express their disapproval
Amber Heard's (R) trial loss has sparked a disturbing trend among her fans, some of whom are cutting themselves (L) (Twitter, Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Amber Heard's (R) trial loss has sparked a disturbing trend among her fans, some of whom are cutting themselves (L) (Twitter, Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains graphic information that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

Amber Heard losing the defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp has sparked a disturbing trend among her fans, who decided the sever their flesh to convey their dissatisfaction with the jury verdict by using the hashtag #CutForAmber and posting images of themselves bleeding for the actress. Meanwhile, there are also unverified claims that Heard responded to the trend by thanking her fans.

After deliberating over three days, the Virginia-based jury ruled in a unanimous decision that Heard, 36, defamed Depp, 58, when she called herself a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 op-ed for The Washington Post. She was ordered to pay $15 million in damages, including $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages. The jury also awarded Heard compensatory damages of $2 million as she was defamed when Depp's lawyer Adam Waldman called her abuse allegations a hoax.


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Heard stans did not take the jury decision well, with some going to the point of hurting themselves to express their disapproval using the hashtag #cutforamber.

"I went to the hospital I was bleeding heavily and they asked me why did you do this? I proudly said for amber #IStandWithAmberHeard #cutforamber," one tweeted, sharing a photo of their bandaged arm.

"#cutforamber you all will pay... justice will be served in one way or another #JailForJohnny #IStandWithAmberHeard," another wrote, also sharing a disturbing snap of their bloody arm.

"I'm ready to unalive myself for amber #CutForAmber #IStandWithAmberHeard #JusticeForAmberHeard," someone else declared, alongside an image showing multiple self-inflicted cuts to their arm.




Twitterati quickly recognized the growing trend and called for an immediate stop to the controversial and disturbing hashtag.

"Anyone participating in #cutforamber is just as narcissistic and manipulative as Amber herself. This β€œtrend” needs to be shut down immediately. Absolutely disgusting," one tweeted.

"#CutForAmber is exactly the mental state of Amber Heard supporters. Using trauma to manipulate people into supporting them," another wrote.

"The irony of #CutforAmber is that using self-harm as a mechanism for getting your way is literally something an abuser would do," someone else added.

"Please look for #Cutforamber and report all tweets that promote self-harm in the name of Amber Heard. It's absolutely disturbing what some of the people in her fan base are up to now after she lost. Let's try to remove all those tweets for the safety of everyone," another pleaded.





Meanwhile, a screenshot of Heard's alleged response to the trend made the rounds. "I am looking through the 'cutforamber' hashtag and oh my goodness you all are so sweet to me. You have no idea how much your kind words warm my heart. I am so lucky to have you all by my side! I love you bebs," the alleged tweet read. However, the post couldn't be verified as it wasn't found on Heard's Twitter account at the time of publication.


Nonetheless, Depp fans called on Heard to "discourage" her supporters from harming themselves in solidarity.

"Hey @realamberheard you should really discourage your supporters from self-harm as they have now started #CutForAmber because of YOUR actions. Take responsibility for something for once in your life as your lies have only led to the destruction of others," one wrote.

"#IStandWithAmberHeard where is your caring queen now?? You have fans harming themselves and putting pics along with #CutForAmber yet all I see is Johnny Depp fans trying to help! She’s been tagged and tagged for her to say something. SHE CARES ABOUT NO’ONE but herself!! Wake up!" a comment read.

"Y'all realize doing this #cutforamber trend is proving our point that Amber is a sociopath, she doesn't care about her supporters, or she would've said something to stop this madness. You're feeding her big-a*s ego," another offered.