It's all just rumors but Amazon's New Lord of the Rings series will focus on young Aragorn

According to a Tolkien-centric Twitter account, the new series will focus on a younger Aragorn, a rumour said to have been confirmed by multiple sources.

                            It's all just rumors but Amazon's New Lord of the Rings series will focus on young Aragorn
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There have been ample speculations as to what part of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings mythology Amazon's billion-dollar series will pick. But rumors are doing the rounds that the series will at least in part focus on a younger Aragorn, a previously unexplored area in adaptations.

According to fan site, the website formed by the fans of the author and a news reporting website on Lord of the Rings suggests that the first season will center on the young version of the heir to Isildur. As we know, his older incarnation played a crucial role in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. The site tweeted they had breaking news on their hands. 

Amazon has not made any official statement about the show at the moment but if the rumors turn true then the series has a lot of potential. In Lord of the Rings series, Aragorn's lifespan covers important parts of Tolkien's mythology, and he can make a terrific character in his own right.

As to what is confirmed about the show is, the cost of production may come up to $1 billion, and that it will cover "previously unexplored stories" from Tolkien's world.

There are also rumors that original movie series director Peter Jackson may also get involved with the series in some way – according to his attorney Peter Nelson, a dialogue has been opened between the director and Amazon.

Original stars may also potentially return to the screen. Sir Ian McKellen said he may be up for reprising Gandalf, though Gollum's Andy Serkis is not so keen.

Still, given that the series may involve a younger version of Aragorn, we don't imagine Viggo Mortensen will be back.