Amazon Studios to produce a docu-series about the global economy with Kal Penn, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay

Amazon Studios to produce a docu-series about the global economy with Kal Penn, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay
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Amazon Prime is all set to start a new docuseries about global economy which be hosted by Kal Penn. The yet to be titled series will be executively produced by Adam Davidson (co-founder of NPR’s 'Planet Money'), along with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. 

The show will take on hot topics like cryptocurrency, money laundering, and corruption. It will unravel how money, greed and power affect our hyper-connected world.

McKay directed the 2015 hit movie 'The Big Short' that portrays the financial crisis of 2008 which was triggered by the United States housing bubble.

According to a statement by Amazon, the show will provide "extraordinary insight into the global economy and its comedic eccentricities, all through a sardonic lens unique to McKay."

"Adam Davidson is one of the more brilliant and funny minds out there. After collaborating with him on 'The Big Short', I jumped at the chance to continue trying to make economics and finance accessible to a wide audience," McKay said.


"Adam McKay is well known for finding the humor and absurdity in mind-blowing true stories, and we’re excited to bring that to Prime members with this series. As with all of our unscripted series, we are committed to providing our customers with unprecedented access — this time to the fascinating and often elusive back rooms of global wealth and industry," said Heather Schuster, head of Unscripted at Amazon Originals.

"Look, I’m terrible at math and really good at sophomoric humor, so the idea that we can explore economics around the world by visiting places like a dildo factory in California piqued my interest. To have an opportunity to explore the world while we combine the serious with the bizarre with Adam and Will is super exciting," said Penn. 

Apart from Davidson, Mckay and Ferrell, the show will also be executively produced by Kevin Messick, Eli Holzman (Project Runway, Undercover Boss) Aaron Saidman (Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies) and Aliyah Silverstein (Hacking Robot, Hollywood Game Night), and produced by Intellectual Property Corporation and Gary Sanchez Productions. Penn is a consulting producer.


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