'The Amazing Race' season 31 sees 'democratic' episode 8 end on an emotional note as 'Big Brother' team Rachel and Elissa exit

The eighth episode of TAR 31 saw a U-Turn vote in Switzerland, the oldest democracy in the world, leading up to the elimination of a very dramatic 'Big Brother' team — Rachel and Elissa

                            'The Amazing Race' season 31 sees 'democratic' episode 8 end on an emotional note as 'Big Brother' team Rachel and Elissa exit

The competition on season 31 of 'The Amazing Race' is getting heated up as teams are coming closer to winning the $1 million grand prize. Episode eight of the Race saw the teams in Switzerland, the oldest democracy in the world, and host Phil Keoghan took the most "democratic" way to shake things up on the reality show with a U-turn vote! The visible shock on the teams' faces as they realized that they had to U-turn teams out loud was one of the best parts of the episode. However, the part that followed when most teams painfully voted to U-turn team 'Zen' Colin and Christie and sister team Rachel and Elissa made for a cringe-worthy TV moment.

Five teams had to pick between the detours of either cutting grass and properly stacking it for hay or dressing cows for a festival. The remaining two U-turned teams — Colin and Christie and Rachel and Elissa — had to complete both the challenges. Victor and Nicole were quick to complete the speedbump and move on to the detour. With most teams picking the hay stacking detour, Tyler and Korey and team 'Fun' moved on to the roadblock first — where one player on each team will have to learn to use a crossbow to shoot an apple on a Swiss scarecrow's head. Nicole and Victor were third to arrive, as the Afghanimals got lost on their way to the roadblock.

Chris and Bret nailed the roadblock and had to take a small boat to the next pitstop in the beautiful gardens of the Grand Hotel Giessbach. On the foot race to the pitstop after the boat ride, Tyler and Korey beat Chris and Bret and finished in the first place. "She loves her drama!" Tyler commented about the democracy shenanigans Phil had pulled back at the U-turn vote. But Chris and Bret were just happy to have made it to second place from near elimination in the previous episodes.

Colin Guinn and Christie Woods (Photo credit: CBS)


Team 'Zen' managed to come third, and even Phil was impressed by the team's brilliant performance despite being U-turned. Team 'Fun' arrived shortly after, and Becca was genuinely apologetic about having U-turned team 'Zen'. But in some super cute moments that followed, Colin landed pecks on Becca's cheek, as the teams cleared the air. Team Vicole and the Afghanimals came next, and the teams hugged it out as Vicole had U-turned the Afghanimals. Rachel and Elissa, who had slowed down at the hay stacking challenge and finished the crossbow roadblock last, were eliminated from the Race.

The sisters bid an emotional goodbye to Race 31, saying it would have been nice to make it to the top three. But their love for each other is heartfelt. "I really don’t have anything to complain about," said Rachel after a record-setting 32 legs of 'The Amazing Race'. "I've gotten to do this with my sister — she's my best friend."

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