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Amanda Knox's 'foul' tweet comparing four-year study abroad to election result slammed: 'Are you f**king serious?'

'A girl has been brutally murdered and the years you stayed in Italy are related to this tragic murder. Does that sound like something to joke about? You should take respect for her and her family!' a user commented
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(Getty Images)

Amanda Knox has been slammed across social media for joking about whatever happens in the election "can't be as bad as that four-year study abroad (she) did in Italy". The 33-year-old had spent four years in prison after she had been convicted of the murder of an exchange student, Meredith Kercher in 2007, before being free and exonerated. Ever since then, she has returned to the US and had shared her thoughts on the 2020 presidential elections, but as the results started to pour in she found herself in the middle of controversy. 

On Tuesday night, October 3, she took to Twitter to make a "tasteless" remark, which has since been branded "foul" and "gross". Her tweet read, "Whatever happens, the next four years can't be as bad as that four-year study abroad I did in Italy, right?" She had been reacting to surprise early wins for POTUS Donald Trump who held key states like Florida, Texas, and Ohio. 


However, her joke did not sit well with social media users who slammed her for being self-centered. One such user wrote, "Girl I don’t think you murdered your roommate, but a tweet like this makes me understand why people thought you did."

Another added, "Yes, @amandaknox blocked me for pointing this out. Regardless of her apparent innocence, strange that she doesn’t realize joking about the murder of her flatmate isn’t funny...." Yet another shared, "A girl has been brutally murdered and the years you stayed in Italy are related to this tragic murder. Does that sound like something to joke about? You should take respect for her and her family!"




"Are you f**king serious? You’re kinda making fun of a controversial trial related to your housemate murder where you were the first suspected and you were pleaded not guilty without clarity as well as O.J. in the nineties?" commented another user. Yet another shared, "Really? I think you've changed your life, but who's been taken away will never see a future again. this and not only is the weight you will have to carry on your conscience (assuming you have one)."



We had earlier reported that was reportedly furious when her response was sought regarding a new book that is being written by the murderer of her former roommate, Meredith Kercher. The killer, Rudy Guede, had been sentenced to prison for 16 years for the rape and murder of Kercher, a 21-year-old British student. Guede is planning to tell his version of the events that went down on the night when Kercher was killed. The 33-year-old is currently on a staged return to freedom on a work-release program from jail.

Guede, whose bloodstained fingerprints had been found on Kercher's possessions, has always denied the murder which had taken place in 2007 in Perugia, Italy, Mirror reports. Knox, 33, too had spent around four years in prison before she was acquitted of murdering Kercher. Knox had alleged that Guede had tried to blame her for his own crime. Knox and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, did four years' time before later being acquitted. 

When Knox heard that a US publication was looking to reveal Guede's claims about her in the book on Kercher's murder, she was left enraged. Knox has accused the publication of "crafting an article that omits all evidence of my ­innocence to bully me into commenting".