British woman's body comes home from Mexico without eyes, heart, and brain, allegedly stolen by organ traffickers

Amanda Gill's body reached her family with her major vital organs missing. It is being speculated that her organs were stolen by traffickers.

                            British woman's body comes home from Mexico without eyes, heart, and brain, allegedly stolen by organ traffickers

Elaine Hines saw something unimaginable when her daughter Amanda's body was returned to her from a hospital in Mexico — she was empty inside.  

Amanda Gill's body, when sent home from a hospital in Mexico, reached her family with her major vital organs missing. Her mother found her eyes, heart, and brain missing from the body. It is being speculated that her organs were stolen by traffickers. The only vital part she still had inside her was her lower bowels.


The 65-year-old Elaine told Sunday People, "She came home empty. They stole everything inside her. If this has happened to Amanda how many other people has it ­happened to and will again? We think they were stolen and sold."

"Her body came back to England and they did a CT scan and that’s when we found out all her organs had been stolen. She was empty. It was a shock for all of us. It was an awful, awful thing. Everything had gone from inside her apart from her small bowel," said the heartbroken mother. 

The body couldn't be further examined because of the lack of organs inside, she revealed. "There was nothing they could do a postmortem on because there was nothing in there. She had been in the hospital a few times with ketoacidosis, which is one of those horrible things you get with diabetes. I don’t understand why she died within 12 hours of going into hospital," she continued. "The hospital said she wouldn’t take fluids but the first thing you do is put them on a drip and that brings them around. It isn’t something that would have killed her."


Mexican authorities stated that the cause of death was a diabetic shock. They also stressed that Amanda's body was sent from the hospital with all her organs inside, before the postmortem. Angeles Nava, admin manager at Hospital de Cos, said, "When she died, the British Embassy was called.

They called the police, the police came for the body. They took approximately three hours to collect the body. They took everything else she had, too, her clothes and her phone. A notice was given to the public prosecutor. She still had all of her organs when she left here. Her body was sealed in a bag and kept in a refrigerated room. It would have been illegal for us to take them unless she had signed, or the family had given permission. We are an accident and emergency hospital, not a transplant hospital."

The hospital also pointed out that the family hasn't paid the hospital bills amounting to £1,600. The local police did not comment on the incident. 

Meanwhile, public prosecutor Edgar Camacho stated that he had no idea about the missing organs and that he had only known about her death. However, the Foreign Office told the publication that they had reached out to authorities regarding Amanda's death and the missing organs. He told the publication, "They even took her brain and eyes? That’s very strange. I don’t know the reason for this situation." he then added, "Hospital de Cos is a very bad hospital. Around 90 percent of patients who are taken there die."

Elaine cremated Amanda on her birthday, February 27, earlier this year. She had gone to the hospital to get better last December. She described Amanda to be a lovely girl who was also into spirituality. She had been traveling to Mexico when her health got complicated as she already had diabetes. The 41-year-old was a barmaid from Shipley, West Yorks.

Amanda's mother and sister are left with many questions and no answers. "This just raises even more questions. They are all trying to pass the buck and nobody wants to take responsibility. All that is happening is they are covering up everything."

Katie Miller-Gill, 35 is just as heartbroken and confused as their mother, "Where are my sister’s beautiful blue eyes? Why were they taken from her? Where is her brain, her heart? If they had said to us can we ­donate her organs then we might have considered it."

She added, "But to steal them? Did they steal all her organs ­because she was British and so they thought they would get away with it as it wouldn’t be followed up? Did they do it to her because she was foreign? Did they steal her ­organs for the illegal trade? We just don’t know. We haven’t got the ­answers we wanted."