AMAs 2019: Kesha's surprise performance on decade-old song 'TiK ToK' leaves fans 'nostalgic' and 'cathartic'

AMAs 2019: Kesha's surprise performance on decade-old song 'TiK ToK' leaves fans 'nostalgic' and 'cathartic'

Kesha made a glamorous entrance to the 2019 American Music Awards red carpet in a gold-printed robe belted at the waist, with matching printed leggings and gold heels. The singer gave fans a nostalgic surprise when she performed her iconic song 'TiK ToK'. Released in 2009, the song has completed a decade this year and fans couldn't thank her enough for turning the clock back with her tunes.

"Wake up in the morning feelin' like P. Diddy," she sang out the iconic first line. "Got my glasses, I'm out the door. I'm gonna hit this city." Music lovers were completely enamored and taken aback with the blast from the past.

"It’s 2019 and Kesha is singing 'Tik Tok' on my television what a time to be alive. Looks like it’s time to grow my hair out and penny board again," one fan posted on Twitter and another wrote, "@KeshaRose performing 'Tik Tok' on the #AMAs really brings me back to being a sophomore in high school and thinking I was a wild party girl after drinking one (1) Mike’s Hard Lemonade in a basement."


Many fans went on to call it an "emotional" and "cathartic" moment. "Kesha joyfully performing her star-making 2009 party anthem "TiK ToK" at the #AMAs ten years after it became a smash hit, thereby reclaiming the music her abuser could have otherwise sullied the memory of, is the emotional and cathartic moment I didn't know I needed," one tweet read while another said, "When Kesha performed Tik Tok I was like whattt? 2009 vibes. What a time to be alive. Iconic."

"Kesha and Taylor both performing music that men tried to completely take from them. We LOVE to see it," another fan wrote. Some fans called the song a "classic" and wrote, "Tiktok by Kesha is still a classic 10 years later yeah." Another posted, "Kesha was not only the best dressed but she has the best performance (or two) so far."


Kesha also performed her collaboration with Big Freedia 'Raising Hell' in front of stained glass windows at the 2019 AMAs. Twinning in similar pink satin ensembles and Catholic stoles, the two twirled to the beat of the new track.

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