'Almost Family' Season 1, Episode 4 'Fake AF': Two of the three sisters are lying to themselves

It is Roxy who stays the truest of the three sisters and fans were reunited with the three siblings they love so dearly.

                            'Almost Family' Season 1, Episode 4 'Fake AF': Two of the three sisters are lying to themselves

Major spoilers for Season 1, Episode 4 of 'Almost Family' titled 'Fake AF'

After waiting for almost a month for the fourth episode of Fox's 'Almost Family' 'Fake AF' to air, fans were finally reunited with the three sisters they love so dearly.

Julia (Brittany Snow) meets a new brother Nate (a guest appearance by Michael Urie) for the first time. She is beyond excited - she finally has a gay brother, a rather stereotypical white lady fantasy, but nonetheless.

Desperate to connect with Nate and to get him to like her, Julia spins not one but multiple lies not only about herself but also her sisters. The biggest lie she tells Nate is about Tim (Mo McRae) being her boyfriend when in reality they dated almost a decade about and he is now married to Edie (Medalyn Echikunwoke).

Elsewhere, Edie's dilemma keeps worsening. Tim expresses his desire to have children and while she agrees to it, she reveals to Julia and Amanda (Victoria Cartagena) that she is unsure about having children. The mess keeps getting messier as Edie continues to tell one lie after the other to those around her - specifically Tim.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to infer that if there is someone Edie is wronging, it is Tim and Amanda both. But most of all, she is wronging herself by refusing to come clean to all parties, and herself. Because now, if and when the truth gets out, it is not going to prove well for anyone. We also understand that it might be a difficult space to be, to have to confront this reality, but in the meanwhile, is it too much to ask to not hurt other people?

In 'Fake AF', it is Roxy (Emily Osment) who stays the truest of the three sisters. She goes out of her way to convince Izzy's (Bryce Lorenzo) mother to allow her to coach Izzy. She admits that while Izzy might need her for coaching, it is her who needs Izzy more - she has finally found her calling as a coach and doesn't wish to lose the opportunity that might never return. At the same time, she made her interests in Isaac (Mustafa Elzein) known on their first date. 

At the same time, both of Roxy's sisters Julia and Edie continue being "fake AF" - lying to themselves or the outside world. 

'Almost Family' airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET/ PT on Fox. 

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