'Almost Family' Episode 2 'Related AF': Edie can't keep her hands off Amanda and that is a ticking timebomb

It is hard to tell what shape this will take since one of the lead characters is in the midst of a sexual identity crisis.

                            'Almost Family' Episode 2 'Related AF': Edie can't keep her hands off Amanda and that is a ticking timebomb

Spoilers ahead for Season 1 Episode 2 'Related AF' of 'Almost Family' 

Edie Palmer (Megalyn Echikunwoke) has been having trouble in her marriage with attorney husband Tim (Mo McRae) for a while now. Tim even notes in the pilot episode that they aren't intimate anymore and that bothers him.

This is owing to Edie's struggles with her sexuality. Edie quickly becomes defensive and tries to prove to Tim that everything between them is fine, but she knows that there is something off regardless of the lies she tells herself.

It was in the pilot itself that Edie addresses her attraction to the same sex with Amanda Doherty (Victoria Cartagena). After a tiny disagreement with her husband, Edie leaves home and meets with Amanda at the bar. It is here that they kiss for the first time.

In episode 2 'Related AF', the equation between them only intensifies. This hasn't escaped Tim's attention either. Even as they play opposing forces in the courtroom, Tim notices their chemistry and asks Edie about the "vibe" he felt between them.

Tim and Edie in a still from 'Almost Family' (Image: Fox)

Edie cannot keep her hands off Amanda and this is going to be a ticking timebomb, especially considering how both of them are fighting against each other - Amanda is prosecuting Leon and Edie is defending him. The duo mingling together in such a manner - well it is technically an affair - is not going to be good news. Adding to that mess is the fact that Julia also knows about Edie and Amanda after she sees them together, and is visibly scandalized.

Even Tim would have caught her red-handed had Julia not distracted him and taken him away. As of now, it looks like Edie is walking on thin ice. If her infidelity is discovered, it would not only wreak havoc in her personal life and marriage with Tim but also her professional life for Edie is practically fraternizing with the enemy.

It is hard to tell what shape this will take. Especially since it is also a question of one of the lead characters struggling with their sexuality. 'Almost Family' airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET/PT. 

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