EXCLUSIVE | 'All Together Now' actor Gerald Isaac Waters says Netflix drama 'taught me to trust myself more'

In an exclusive chat with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Gerald Isaac Waters discusses his character in the drama movie and the story of friendship it tells

                            EXCLUSIVE | 'All Together Now' actor Gerald Isaac Waters says Netflix drama 'taught me to trust myself more'
Gerald Isaac plays Chad Fox (Kelly Balch)

Netflix's latest drama 'All Together Now' is a heart-warming story of finding hope in the darkest of times. Directed by Brett Haley ('All The Bright Places', 'Hearts Beat Loud'), the movie is based on Matthew Quick's novel 'Sorta Like a Rock Star'.

Auli'i Cravalho stars as Amber Appleton, a musically gifted young girl who remains an optimist even when her personal life is in shambles. She one day hopes to attend Carnegie Mellon. But the way to her dreams is not a simple one. When the going gets tough, she must learn to accept support and help from her family and friends. Starring Fred Armisen, Justina Machado, Carol Burnett, Rhenzy Feliz, Judy Reyes, Taylor Richardson, CS Lee, and Anthony Jacques Jr, the drama arrives on Netflix on August 28, 2020. 

Gerald Isaac Waters plays one of Amber's friends called Chad Fox. In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), the actor describes himself as "wholeheartedly the kind of friend you want on your side. He is faithful, loving, and cool as a cucumber." The actor, who is known for his previous appearance on 'Angie Tribeca', tells us that his first impression of 'All Together Now' was that the story was filled with "absolute hope and compassion." He says, "After reading my sides for the audition, I quickly called my agent and immediately asked for the entire script. I had to know the story and the complete background of what I was getting involved with. I distinctly remember being so invested in these characters and the story it tells." 

Gerald Isaac as Chad, Anthony Jacques as Ricky, Fred Armisen as Mr Franks, Rhenzy Feliz as Ty, Auli’I Cravalho as Amber, Taylor Richardson as Jordan (Netflix)

At first glance, 'All Together Now' looks like any Netflix production, but the movie tells a special story of friendship that is rarely churned out by the streamer. Gerald tells us about the theme: "'All Together Now' tells the story of friendship and gives us hope. It is now key more than ever to hold onto those things and know that we can use them to conquer whatever life throws at us. As we follow the story that is Amber's life, we can see how hope helps us overcome even the biggest obstacles, letting us see that no dream is impossible."

The actor did not need a movie to arrive at this conclusion though. Some years ago, Gerald was at one such stage. While he doesn't divulge all information, he tells our readers about the moment everything changed and how he gathered the strength to rebuild. "On July 2015, my life tragically took a change. Life as I knew it was over and now I was faced with what would become my new normal. The strength to rebuild and start my new life definitely came in the form of my family and my friends. Having them as my rock when times got hard and as a cheering squad when I started to achieve goals is the reason I am where I am today," he says.

The actor ruminates on what working on the movie has taught him. "This movie has definitely taught me to trust myself more and has given me the confidence I needed to trust the work and journey. Being a part of a film that has such a great meaning of hope has reiterated the fact that with a circle of close friends nothing is impossible."

The trailer offers us an insight into the themes that the movie dabbles in and how one should never lose hope, no matter what stage life brings one to.


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