'All My Husband's Wives' aka 'Rule of 3': Meet the cast of the Lifetime thriller drama

Erin Karpluk, Kelly Rutherford and Kate Corbett play the three leading ladies in the film

                            'All My Husband's Wives' aka 'Rule of 3': Meet the cast of the Lifetime thriller drama

If thriller is your cup of tea, trust Lifetime movies to serve it well. 'All My Husband's Wives' also known as 'Rule of 3' is all set to release on Lifetime. The plot revolves around a woman named Alison Whitford who thought she had it all – an accomplished career woman who resisted getting married until she found "the one".

The official summary reads: "Still in the honeymoon phase of her marriage, Alison's world is turned upside down when Dominick dies suddenly in a car accident. When it's revealed that he was murdered even more secrets about his life come to light. It soon becomes clear that Alison was not the only one mourning Dominick, and that his death was only the beginning of a larger plan. Perhaps her perfect husband wasn’t so perfect after all, and some of his secrets may be worth killing for."

Kelly Rutherford, Erin Karpluk and Kate Corbett (Lifetime)

Meet the three leading actresses here:

Erin Karpluk

Actress Erin Karpluk (Getty Images)

Erin Karpluk plays the role of Alison Whitford, the main protagonist, and plot-twist villainess. The Canadian actress is best known for her role in 'Being Erica', 'Reasonable Doubt' and 'Delete'. In 2007, she was seen in shows like 'Bionic Woman', 'Flash Gordon', and 'The L Word'. 

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford (Getty Images)

Best-known for her stint on 'Gossip Girl' and 'Upper East Side of Manhattan', Kelly Rutherford starred in several TV shows like 'Melrose Place', 'Homefront', and 'Brisco County Jr'. More recently, she was seen as Laura Wyatt in the ABC series 'Quantico'. She stars as Cheryl Volberg in the Lifetime movie. 

Born in 1968, she is an advocate of charities that focus on women and children's issues. She once dated Matthew Settle, who also played her beau on 'Gossip Girl'. In June 2001, Rutherford got hitched to Venezuelan banker Carlos Tarajano but the two divorced after six months and their wedding was featured shortly after that in the February 2002 issue of InStyle magazine.

Rutherford then married German businessman Daniel Giersch in 2006 and the couple welcomed their son Hermés Gustaf Daniel Giersch. Two years later, she filed for divorce while she was pregnant with their second child. In 2013, Rutherford filed for bankruptcy, stating she had debts of approximately $2 million, primarily due to the $1.5 million she spent on legal fees relating to the divorce and custody dispute with Giersch. 

Kate Corbett

Kate Corbett (Getty Images)

Kate Corbett plays the role of Marla Mitchell in the Lifetime movie. Born and raised on the east coast of Canada, she started acting at a young age and landed the lead role on the Canadian show 'Family Biz' on YTV. She is known for her performance in 'Empire of Dirt' (2013) and 'Once There Was A Winter' (2017). She was also seen in the Hallmark series 'The Good Witch', FX show 'Fargo', CBC's 'Murdoch Mysteries', and 'Lost Girl' on Showcase.

Other actors in the film include Joris Jarsky as Detective Gabriel Strickland, Brett Donahue as Graham, and Trevor Hayes as Dominick Whitford. The supporting cast includes Devin Upham, Ksenia Thurgood, Glen Alexander, Simon Alain, Michelle Bensimon, and Elana Dunkelman. 

 ‘All My Husband's Wives’ premieres on June 14 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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