'All American' Season 4: Fans get emotional as the gang get together to save Spencer

'All American' Season 4: Fans get emotional as the gang get together to save Spencer
The cast of 'All American' (Instagram/@danielezra)

What's not to love about a high school drama series? The CW brings back the much loved 'All American' back for Season 4. What's the deal this time?

The drama series stars the protagonist, Spencer James (played by Daniel Ezra), who has a major hero complex that fans are applauding. In addition, he seems to have a handful of the best friends out there, who won't let him take a bullet for the team. Fans are marveled by the strong friendship that these high schoolers share. 


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Here's what fans have to say about the first episode of Season 4 of 'All American'. One fan shared, "Spencer saved everyone, now it’s time for everyone to save him. Whew, @AllAmericanRoom, you know just how to get me emotional. #AllAmerican", while another said, "Beautiful scene where they all come together for Spencer. Awwww JJ came up with this #AllAmerican".

One fan said, "Daniel Ezra’s portrayal of grief and the nonlinear journey Spencer has taken towards healing is so beautiful #AllAmerican", while another tweeted, "I haven't watched live TV since All American ended last year. So tonight I decided to see what 9n actually TV and I'm pleasantly surprised that All American is all new tonight. If that ain't divine timing ion what is. #AllAmerican #AllAmericanHomecoming". 









One fan tweeted, "#AllAmerican best show 🤟🏾💯", while another said, "Spencer getting protected by everyone #AllAmerican".

One fan tweeted, "Love to see the gang come together for Spencer 🤟🏾😩💯. #AllAmerican", while another shared, "If there is ever a question as to why I'm seated each Monday, please see below! Like, they don't even have to try! #spelivia #allamerican #AllAmericanCW". 








Stay tuned for new episodes of 'All American' every Monday at 8 pm ET, only on The CW. 

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