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‘All American’ Season 3: The CW show gets postponed to January 2021, fans are 'highly depressed'

Here's some good news! Karimah Westbrook, who plays Grace James in the show, tweeted, 'All American. Season 3. Coming January 2021
Spencer James and Billy Baker (The CW)
Spencer James and Billy Baker (The CW)

After it dropped on Netflix, The CW's ‘All American’ is one of the most anticipated shows and fans can't wait to catch more episodes of the series.

Here's some good news! Karimah Westbrook, who plays Grace James in the show, tweeted, "All American. Season 3. Coming January 2021," after The CW schedule announcement and left viewers intrigued.

No sooner did the news drop, most fans are happy they will get to binge-watch the show on Netflix once again. However, loyal fans will have to first tune into The CW Network for weekly episodes when it comes back in January. The last season had it all — drugs, sex, pregnancy scares, gun wars, and mental health. What will the next season bring? More than football and music and even relationship drama, the show centers around Spencer James and his friendships. The series hits the right chord with familial relationships and close bonds. 

Daniel Ezra (The CW)

"The Season 3 breakdown of #AllAmerican and Season 5 breakdown of #Riverdale both sound absolutely fantastic," one fan wrote. Some were sad that the show wasn't returning until next year. One wrote, "So #AllAmerican isn’t coming back until 2021. Just when we’re about to get into this Olivia and Spencer serve, miss Rona comes interrupting it," and another said, "If quarantine postpones season 3 of #AllAmerican to 2021, I’m going to be highly depressed... I’ve already watched it twice in the last two weeks."

"This show had a perfect season. So many surprises, so many tears, so many (potential) ships. S2 solidified my love for Spencer times 10 and gave Olivia the screentime she deserved. Also, loved Jordan’s and Billy’s growth and can’t wait for season 3," one fan said and another posted, "I’m ready for season 3... it always amazes me that people don’t realize, they can watch it during the season on the CW, they are always excited about the Netflix release! Dude can they get their ratings please! @TayeDiggs."

Darnell (The CW)

Some of the biggest loose plotlines from the season were Coach Billy (Taye Diggs) deciding to leave South Crenshaw for good, Asher and Olivia at crossroads in their relationship, and Spencer's arm injury making an unpleasant return as a promising plotline for the third season.

And if you're looking for more scoops, here's one: In an exclusive interview with MEA World Wide (MEAWW), actor Da'Vinchi, who plays Darnell on the show, said his character may find love with 'a new girl' in Season 3. Moreover, talking about the next season, he said, "I think another social issue that's gonna be a topic in the cards is probably gentrification. The showrunners definitely touch on that and elaborate it through the series."

Now that we know the series will be back in 2021, it will be interesting to see all the new twists and turns the showrunners plan.