‘All American’ Season 3 Episode 1: Did Spencer and Olivia have sex? Here's why fans are calling them ‘cheaters’

What really happened in Vegas? After the ‘All American’ premiere, fans can't stop wondering why Olivia and Spencer can't make eye contact

                            ‘All American’ Season 3 Episode 1: Did Spencer and Olivia have sex? Here's why fans are calling them ‘cheaters’
Spencer and Olivia (The CW)

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Who hasn't heard this phrase? As ‘All American’ comes back with Season 3, the premiere picks up at the start of Spencer James’ (Daniel Ezra) senior year.

Everyone's talking about the cool summer event but no one really knows what transpired among the Beverly High mates, except that Coop (Bre-Z) was performing. It seems something fishy went on with Spencer and Olivia Baker (Samantha Logan). Before Season 2 ended, the two still had the hots for each other and fans have shipped them since the very beginning. However, Olivia was still dating Asher Adams (Cody Christian), who was on a cruise with his mom all summer.

Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker (The CW)

Now, after the Las Vegas trip, why can't Olivia and Spencer make eye contact? Throughout the episode, Olivia and Spencer are awkward as they side-glance each other while with Asher and Layla Keating (Greta Onieogou). In the last scene, where the two hug each other, Olivia gives Spencer a look that certainly hints at something that happened in Vegas that none of them are ready to talk about. 

"Olivia and Spencer done did something they ain’t have no business doing," one tweet read and another said, "What if Olivia relapsed because her and Spencer hooked up?" A third wrote, "So Asher cheated on Layla with Olivia and Layla cheated on Asher with Spencer and now Olivia has cheated on Asher with Spencer and apparently, Asher cheated on Olivia with the new girl Vanessa... this is messy as hell."



Even after labeling them cheaters, many fans are supporting them, "I LOVE CHEATERS EXACTLY!!!" one tweet read and another said, "The only cheaters i will ever support are spencer and olivia go go go go go." 



Do you think Olivia and Spencer had sex? Should the two end up together? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

‘All American’ Season 3 will premiere with its first episode on January 18. The CW announced the estimated schedule for its fall shows and the series is slated for the 8 pm to 9 pm time slot on Mondays. Going by the previous seasons, this one should also come with 16 episodes. If you're wondering when it will premiere on Netflix, you'll have to be patient. The series drops on the streaming site only once all episodes have finished airing weekly on The CW.

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