'All American' Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Packed with love, laughter and loss, this emotional homecoming will break your heart

'All American' Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Packed with love, laughter and loss, this emotional homecoming will break your heart

The review contains spoilers for 'All American' Season 2 Episode 7 'Coming Home'

Guilt is perhaps the most painful companion to death. When a person is standing in the forest of sorrow, it is difficult to imagine they would ever find a way to a better place. But perhaps time heals all wounds and gets life back on track.

Titled 'Coming Home', Episode 7 of 'All American' Season 2 marks a homecoming, but not without leaving a void in the end. The news of Corey's cancer left the James family in deep shock and they packed and headed off on a mission to find him.

Darnell came with a letter for Corey but Grace asked him to join the family in their lookout. Meanwhile, the Baker family was ready to reset their family bonds by taking out some healing time. A tough call for both the families, the hour-long emotional episode brings out feelings of betrayal, pain, loss and love. 

As Spencer, Grace, Dillon and Darnell locate Corey, they try to convince him to go home with them and the weekend brings a bucket of joy and laughter.

Marvelous cinematography and splendid camera work with snapshots of sunsets, the lakeside and a holiday home build a beautiful setting for the much-needed vacation for the family.

Darnell shares what it was like to grow up with Corey and tells Spencer: "You're the most like Corey. You might not have grown up with him but you definitely have the best of him."

Spencer finally expresses his sentiments for his dad. "I don't want no jersey to remember you. I want you. I hate that your first instinct when things go bad is to run," he growls in anger. The two hug it out and Corey says, "I love you, my son."

A still from 'All American' Season 2 Episode 7 (The CW)

The Baker family is also at an important phase. In an effort to keep fighting for the family to be whole again, Billy arranges for the family to meet with a family therapist. Deep discussions at the get together possibly help decide on the next step for them.


During the session, the therapist gives Jordan and Olivia a separate assignment, which helps them learn more about each other.

One of the best junctures of the episode is when Grace and Corey clear out details of "the affair" and so do Laura and Billy. Patching fragments of "the night" together, both couples share their murky secrets and finally let the cat out of the bag.

Billy gifts Laura a book with every note and letter she slipped into his gym bag and Corey gives Grace a token for his son to live his legacy. 

As the family gets set to go back home, there comes a big shock. "Dad?" Spencer calls out to Corey and realizes he is not moving from his chair. Just the night before, Corey confesses to Grace how the day has been the most peaceful for him.

It is poetic how he dies peacefully in his sleep. Chad L Coleman performs remarkably in what could be his last episode. Inspired by a true story, the episode has been directed by Benny Boom and written by Nkechi Okoro Carroll and Lorna Osunsanmi. Blending love, laughter and loss together, it will make your heart sink.


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