'All American' Season 2 Episode 15 Preview: Will Coach Billy Baker's sacrifice end in Olivia-Asher's split?

'All American' Season 2 Episode 15 Preview: Will Coach Billy Baker's sacrifice end in Olivia-Asher's split?
Taye Diggs as Coach Billy Baker and Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker (The CW)

'All American' is getting serious by the day. In last week's episode, the focus was on Tyrone's (Demetrius Shipp Jr.) killer. It also ended with a major twist after Coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) took the fall for Asher Adams' (Cody Christian) steroid addiction. 

Titled 'Stakes Is High', the next episode's promo hints at issues brewing between Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) and Billy. The coach gets a warning saying, "I'm gonna need to investigate you and your whole program. This could get a lot worse." With a big game coming up, Billy motivates his team saying, "You're gonna win this championship without me." 

Tagged 'Going after what you want', the summary reads: "Spencer goes against Billy’s (Taye Diggs) wish and goes around him to get what he wants. Olivia (Samantha Logan) and Asher are both guilt-ridden for different reasons when it comes to Billy and the position he now finds himself in."



It further reads, "Layla (Greta Onieogou) continues to help Coop (Bre-Z) with her music which helps Coop receive an offer that she wasn’t expecting. Meanwhile, Jordan (Michael Evans) does something to try and make things easier for Simone (Geffri Maya)."

With the major twist in play, fans are anticipating it will drive Olivia and Asher apart. "I think Billy losing his job will drive Olivia and Asher apart. Olivia X Spencer will be a thing soon. Plus Chris I can tell knows he screwed up with Olivia," one viewer wrote and another said, "Asher ain’t worth Billy potentially losing his career over."

One fan, however, blasted the showrunners for trying to make Asher the bad guy. "No matter what Olivia and Spencer are end game. But I don't think Asher and Olivia are gonna break up this season cause they just started dating man, the writers wouldn't get them together just to break them up this soon... Spencer and Olivia is gonna happen but not this soon... but I really want Asher to come clean and accept that he was the one using the steroids, I know that would not be good for his football career but that would be a great character development... I just want Asher to be the good guy, the writers make him bad... he is one of my favorites. The writers really need to give him a break."


Directed by David Crabtree and written by Mike Herro, David Strauss and J. Stone Alston, the episode is scheduled for a March 2, 2020 release at 8 pm ET on The CW.

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