Alicia Keys self-titled album: Release date, concept, tracklist and all you need to know about her seventh record

After making her fans wait for more than six months, Alicia Keys is finally going to release her seventh studio album ‘Alicia’ this month

                            Alicia Keys self-titled album: Release date, concept, tracklist and all you need to know about her seventh record
Alicia Keys (Getty Images)

Fans of Alicia Keys can finally rejoice as the singer has confirmed the release date of her new self-titled album ‘Alicia.’ The seventh studio album of the 39-year-old crooner was first supposed to be released in March this year. She then pushed the release of the album to May due to the global pandemic. Fans still had to wait even longer when she further delayed the record indefinitely until now.

Her previous six albums helped her establish her name in the industry as one of the top singers. Her last album was released in 2016 called ‘Here.’ The ‘Fallin’ hitmaker also had to cancel her touring plans due to the global pandemic.

Release Date

After making her fans wait for more than 6 months, Alicia Keys has finally decided to drop her seventh studio album. Her new self-titled and much-delayed album will finally see the light of the day on September 18.

The American singer-songwriter took to her official Twitter account and shared a short promo video to announce the big news. She captioned the video as, “Save the date 9.18.20”


The playful announcement promo was surely a nice way to allure her fans.


Alicia Keys sat with for an interview with Apple Music to shed light on her new album. She spoke about the released songs from the album, her new work, and how she felt when she had to delay the release due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Talking about her new album, the talented vocalist asserted, “I feel so strongly about this album and that’s why I named this record ‘Alicia’. I have, for the first time, been most fully myself.” While mentioning about her songs, Alicia added, “You start to understand your songs better the more you are with them and what was the catalyst for the creation of it at the beginning turns into a whole other meaning, and especially with this ‘Alicia’ journey when we all know how 2020 has been the most unpredictable year.”


The official tracklist of Keys’ latest album has not been announced yet. However, she has released a few songs in the last few months which will be a part of her new record. According to Billboard, the follow-up to the 2016 album ‘Here’ has been preceded by four singles namely ‘Show Me Love’, ‘Underdog’, ‘So Done’, and ‘Love Looks Better’. And the publication also reported that songs ‘Perfect Way to Die,’ ‘Good Job’ and ‘Time Machine’ will also be listed in the new album.
‘Love Looks Better’ is one of Alicia’s new songs. You can listen to it here:



Where to Stream

On September 18, ‘Alicia’ will be available worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube.

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