2020 Billboard Music Awards: Is Alicia Keys trying to be Nicki Minaj? Fans mock her hairdo, call piano act 'boring'

Some compared her to Nicki Minaj and mocked the singer for wearing a wig to the stage

                            2020 Billboard Music Awards: Is Alicia Keys trying to be Nicki Minaj? Fans mock her hairdo, call piano act 'boring'
Alicia Keys (Getty Images)

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of awards shows on hold, but the 2020 Billboard Music Awards is moving forward, as the annual event is taking place on Wednesday, October 14 at The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and it’s shaping up to be a stylish affair. The award ceremony has witnessed many great performances among them was Alicia Keys's beautiful piano performance.

Kelly Clarkson is hosting the highly anticipated show for the third time in a row. “I’m thrilled to be back with my Billboard family,” she said in a statement back in February when she was tapped for the gig. “I love being part of an event that celebrates our greatest artists and entertains our fans. This a night of music that you won’t want to miss!”

The 39-year-old Keys gave a moving performance and stole many hearts. Clarkson introduced Keys, saying, "I have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with our next performer. She has inspired many artists with her incredible talent." Keys then stepped out wearing a glittering white bodysuit to perform, 'Love Looks Better,' accompanied by a couple of dancers and a band. In the middle of her performance, she sat at a grand piano and played the keys before continuing her set. This performance marks Keys's return to the BBMA stage since her 2012 duet with Stevie Wonder.

As soon as her performance started, people started appreciating her, as one Internet user wrote, "That performance was amazing and she looked so damn good." Appreciating her performance, another one said, "#AliciaKeys ALWAYS rises to the occasion. Her voice & her piano are a vessel. She knows our sorrow, our songbook, our story, our splendor, our strength & our survival  #BillboardMusicAwards #BMAS"





Some compared her to Nicki Minaj and wrote, "Alicia keys giving me Nicki Minaj vibes!" and some said, "Alicia keys was really looking a lot like Jessie J and Nicki Minaj at the same time #BBMAs." 





Some people found her performance boring and wrote, "Alicia Keys Music Has Been So Boring Over The Years. All This Peace, Mother Earth & Super Human Stuff #BBMAs." While some found her piano performance boring and said, "More songs with Alicia Keys playing the piano. Bored with trap." Some slammed her wig and wrote, "Alicia.. sis... when you get home and sit this wig on your dresser, go ahead and slide it off the edge with your arm, over into the trash for me, please. #BBMAs." While one person coldly wrote, "Alicia Keys looking a whole messs, can’t wear a nicki wig and be nicki!"

While one defended her and wrote, "Everyone with comments about #aliciakeys hair is really crazy... a female who we've seen wear her OWN hair a billion times... Yall momma better have pocahontas hair i tell ya."














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