Alice In Chains share music video for latest single 'Never Fade'

The music video is a thematic sequel to the previously released one for 'The One You Know'. Both tracks are taken from Alice In Chains' first album in five years 'Rainier Fog'.

                            Alice In Chains share music video for latest single 'Never Fade'

Alice In Chains have released the official video for their song 'Never Fade', off the alt rockers' sixth studio album, 'Rainier Fog', which arrived earlier this August. The album was previewed by lead single 'The One You Know', which also came with a music video of its own. The video for 'Never Fade' is a thematic continuation of the video for 'The One You Know', as graphic scenes - including a tooth extraction, a burglary gone wrong and a bullet extraction done by hand - are interspersed with footage of the band rocking hard. The visuals are helmed by Adam Mason, who also brought us the prequel video.

“The ‘Never Fade’ video is a continuation of ‘The One You Know,’” vocalist/guitarist William DuVall said in a statement. “The full story will gradually be revealed. For now, check out what we love to do best – play live and tell a story with our music.”

Check out the music video below:

In a recent interview with Kerrang! Magazine, DuVall revealed 'Never Fade' was inspired by his grandmother, late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, and late Alice In Chains vocalist Layne Staley. William explained: "I think there was some residue from the past lingering, but the ghosts were benevolent, they were there to help, not hinder. I wrote the lyrics to the song 'Never Fade' right there in Studio X. I thought, 'I'm not leaving this room until I chase this song down.' I sang about the history, all the songs that had been written, all the arguments among bands and discussions about the future."

DuVall added: "I was thinking about my grandmother, who'd just died a few months earlier; thinking about Layne Staley, thinking about Chris Cornell, who'd just passed a month before — just letting it wash over, and at the end, I walked out into the dawn and felt I'd had a significant spiritual experience. It couldn't have happened anywhere else."

As Blabbermouth noted, Studio X, formerly known as Bad Animals, was where Alice In Chains recorded its last album with Staley on vocals in 1995 and where the group returned to work on its new LP, 'Rainier Fog'.

'Rainier Fog' marks a few firsts for Alice In Chains, in addition to being their first album in five years, it's their first album for BMG and their first time recording in their hometown of Seattle in more than 20 years (the title is a reference to the band's home city as well). 

The recording process also saw the band spend time at Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles and at the Nashville studio of producer Nick Raskulinecz. 'Rainier Fog' is the third straight Alice In Chains album recorded with Raskulinecz and engineer Paul Figueroa (the previous two being 2013's 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' and 2009's 'Black Gives Way To Blue'). The album was mixed by Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool).

'Rainier Fog' is streaming now on all major platforms. Apple Music subscribers can listen to it here. Spotify users can check it out here.