Alice Coffin's 'Lesbian Genius' wants to 'eradicate' men from women's minds, Internet says 'huge leap forward'

The book calls for women to eradicate men from their lives, and their minds, and to consume only female-created media

                            Alice Coffin's 'Lesbian Genius' wants to 'eradicate' men from women's minds, Internet says 'huge leap forward'
Alice Coffin (Getty Images)

Lesbian activist and Paris city councillor Alice Coffin's debut book - 'Lesbian Genius' - has been making waves, both good and bad, as the author calls for the controversial act of eliminating men from women's minds and lives. Coffin reveals that she doesn't consume any media created by men, nor does her partner, Yuri. Coffin claims that the only way for women to truly be emancipated is to eradicate men from their lives as completely as possible.

While controversial, the book itself has garnered a lot of popularity online, as 5-star Amazon reviews keep rolling in, getting her book up to a presitgous 4.9 rating overall at the time of this article. Coffin's book takes a look at feminism from a historical perspective, particularly in the light of feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir's writings and her book, 'The Second Sex.' Coffin writes, "'It's not enough to help one another, we have to erase them. Erase them from our minds, from our pictures, from our representation. I don't read books by men anymore, I don't watch their movies, I don't listen to their music."

She also writes about male-produced media and its objectification of women. "Following into a well-oiled mechanism created by the Catholic state, the movie industry turned women into objects to massacre, while still putting them on the highest of pedestal. Be beautiful and shut up, be beautiful and I rape you, be beautiful, you're going to die, this is the movie industry," she writes. The idea has its fair share of detractors, but aside from the flood of positive reviews on the book, the concept behind it has plenty of supporters on social media. Many of her supporters are quick to point out that the book doesn't call for an eradication of the entire male sex - just the removal of optional media from women's lives.

"It would create ginormous shift in every forms of art. Underrepresentation? Gone! You are less exposed to patriarchal ideas that is deeply rooted into our culture. That is interesting concept. It could be a huge leap forward, rather than small steps that we are doing right now," writes one Twitter user, adding, "Think of it not as "silencing men", but rather as "promotion and support for women". For every idea that man had, there is a woman who had the same. For any book you read, there is an equivalently relevant book from woman." 


Another user writes, "Women would be able to function without men far more easily than men can function without women. Matriarchal societies thrive without warfare and exploitation. I’ve just about had a gutful of male indulgence in every facet of my life. The only human loyal to me is my daughter." This mirrors some of what Amanda Coffin herself has written in her book, "I never say that men have everything to win with feminism. It's false. They have everything to lose. Their privilege, their monopoly, their power."


Another user on Twitter says, "I love the delusional outrage this has provoked. Cutting males out of your OPTIONAL entertainment runs no risk of limiting your world view in a world designed for men from the size of smart phones to corporate hiring practices, I assure you. This is a man's world, period."


'Lesbian Genius' is out on sale now, wherever books are sold.

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