Alfie Evans' father proudly shows off baby son Thomas at Everton game

Alfie Evans' father proudly shows off baby son Thomas at Everton game
Tom Evans, Father of Alfie Evans, holds a photograph of his son (Source : Getty Images)

The late Alfie Evans' father Tom Evans was seen proudly cradling his new baby son Thomas while pitchside at the Everton game with Arsenal at the Goodison Park. Little Thomas was seen sporting an adorable blue hat which featured tiny pom-poms as he smiled from Tom's arms. 

Tom and his partner Kate James had made headlines last year while they were involved in a heartbreaking legal battle to try and keep their disabled son Alfie alive. However, the 23-month-old boy passed away while at the Alder Hey Children's Hospital last year after suffering from a very rare degenerative brain disease. Both Tom and Kate vowed that they would not be broken by Alfie's death and nearly four months later, they welcomed a baby boy whom they named Thomas.

Ahead of the Everton and Arsenal game on Sunday, Tom looked absolutely delighted as he showed off little Thomas. Around 39,400 fans cheered and clapped as Tom paraded Thomas pitchside before the kick-off, the Mirror reported. 

While speaking to the Sunday Mirror in February, Tom shared, "Thomas is Alfie’s double, the resemblance is amazing. When we see Thomas pull a face he looks like Alfie, we feel that in a way we have them both with us. He’s such a happy baby, he does nothing but smile. I had a great connection with Alfie and I feel like I’ve got the same with Thomas. We’re hanging in there, keeping sane, doing as well as we can. I wouldn’t know where I was without baby Thomas." 

"I’ve got something to wake up to with him. I have to keep happy for Thomas’s sake. I wouldn’t want to wake up if it wasn’t for the baby. I don’t like to think what it would be like without Thomas. I worry if he wasn’t here, where would I be? How would I be? What would my mental health be?" he continued. 

When Kate had gotten pregnant, the doctors had told the couple that they had a one in four chance of their children getting the same condition that Alfie had. Kate revealed that she had been told by midwives that they had come across two faulty genes, one from each of the parents. Alfie's story captured the entire world and he was dubbed as 'the boy who brought the world together' with well-wishers and people raising around £140,000 for Alfie.

Tom continued, "Kate is a great mum for Thomas. She has moments when she’s upset and she has a cry. That’s what you have to do to release the emotion. Mums have that bond, especially with the first child. We both loved Alfie and both wanted the best for Alfie."

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