Who was Alezuna Carter? Philadelphia girl, 12, found dead, fatally shot in mouth 6 months after she vanished

When Philadelphia police arrived at the scene of the shooting, they found Carter unresponsive on the floor of the apartment in Frankford, about 17 miles away from where the girl had gone missing

                            Who was Alezuna Carter? Philadelphia girl, 12, found dead, fatally shot in mouth 6 months after she vanished
Alezauna Carter. (Philadelphia police department)

A twelve-year-old girl who went missing in early October 2020 has been found dead. The police officials have said that they have a sketch of the suspect. However, no arrests have been made at the moment. She was spotted last on the morning of October 12, 2020, in Southwest Philadelphia and a week later, the police officials sought the help of the public to find the whereabouts of the missing girl. 

On April 18, officials found a body in the first-floor apartment in Frankford, which is about 17 miles away from where the girl had gone missing. Initially, the police said that the female was not identified and also added that she was shot in the mouth, which is what resulted in her death. So far, the cops have not released any information regarding how they were able to identify the body that they had found. 


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Who is Alezuna Carter?

Alezuna Carter, 12, had gone missing six months ago. Police identified the body of the girl that they had found in Frankford as Carter. They informed the family two weeks later that they had found Libby -- as she was addressed at home -- dead. Her family said that she loved dancing, and doing TikTok videos.

However, the police had been informed that the girl often ran away from her parents and relatives. They did not confirm if Libby, the last time she vanished, left home of her own accord or if she was forcefully taken away by someone else. 

The Philadelphia Police Department also said that they had responded to a radio call of a person with a gun, gunshots, and a person shot around 10.58 pm. This call also indicated that the location was 1500 block of Overington Street. When they arrived at the scene, Libby was found unresponsive on the floor. 

Libby's mom Trisha said, "We all tried to look for her and keep her safe," and added, "Every day, was looking out for this child." A vigil was held in memory of Libby which was attended by friends and family who released orange balloons in her memory. Libby's aunt however said, "We don't know what happened, but we are going to find out." The relation between Libby and the suspect has also not been revealed by the police as of now, so the motive behind why he might have shot Libby in the mouth is also unclear. 

The police did release the sketch of the suspect a week after the murder was unearthed. However, no arrests have been made as of now. However, there is $20,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with useful information that may lead to the arrest of the said suspect.

However, the sketch is dark and not much about the suspect's description can be made out from the said picture.  A surveillance video was also released in which the police had marked out the suspect's figure in the footage.

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