Alex Rodriguez shares Jennifer Lopez proposal video to mark the end of 2019: 'I'm feeling incredibly grateful'

Rodriguez posted a video capturing sweet, intimate moments from the celebrity couple's 'amazing year'

                            Alex Rodriguez shares Jennifer Lopez proposal video to mark the end of 2019: 'I'm feeling incredibly grateful'
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez just got cuter.

Rodriguez posted a video of the two to celebrate the New Year, revealing some sweet intimate moments from the celebrity couple's life. The video also gave glimpses of the very emotional scenes before Rodriguez popped the all-important question to JLo in 2019, making fans a part of their beautiful journey.

The emotional video is up on Youtube and is almost 30 minutes long. It features the choicest moments from the couple's life with their children and their careers. “What an amazing year it has been! As 2019 winds down, I am feeling so incredibly grateful and blessed,” Rodriguez prefaced the post. “Looking back on these moments, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear. I am so lucky to be able to spend my life with those I love, doing what I love...”

In one of the snippets from the clip, JLo said that she had no idea that anything "out of the ordinary" was to happen that day, on March 9, 2019. As they walk on the beach near a bonfire, Rodriguez goes down on one knee as a shocked JLo covers her mouth not knowing what to say. 

Soon, after he slips the ring on, she also sits down on the sand as the two share the special moment. "There was no indication, and today you woke up and you were so happy and dancing and joking around and I was like, 'Whatever you're on, can I have some of that?''' said Jennifer Lopez. Even though Rodriguez had organized an early dinner, "It didn't stick out to" JLo. Rodriguez's daughters Natasha, 15, and Ella, 11, are also in many snippets along with Lopez's "coconuts" Emme and Max, 11.

There's also a bit from Jennifer's birthday last year where Alex gave a heartfelt toast. "It's not the millions of people who see you live, but the billions of people that you touch every day.  And you're only at halftime, baby. I love you, you're my wife, you're the most beautiful thing in the world and I couldn't be more proud of you. I love you,"  he said.

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