Indie artist Alex Lleo releases latest track from his debut EP

Popular British artist Alex Lleo has released the third and final track from his debut EP "Park Studios, JQ".

                            Indie artist Alex Lleo releases latest track from his debut EP
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After the success of his debut single "Bedroom Door" and his subsequent solo shows, British Indie musician Alex Lleo has released "Rising Water"the third track from "Park Studios, JQ", his debut EP. The song is available for streaming on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music and the video is up on Vevo and Youtube.

Lleo is slated to perform at Birmingham's Sunflower Lounge on Sunday, 29th April, after which he will be making his London debut on May 2 at St Pancras Old Church. The artist is promoted by Communion Presents and will be supported for his maiden concert in the capital city by George Glew.


"After recording the "Park Studios, JQ" EP the way we did, it felt so natural to take these songs on the road and after touring solo last week, I can’t wait to bring the band back together & re-live these elements once again," Alex said about his upcoming shows. "Just like the session, it’ll be live in one room. But this time we’ll have the energy of a crowd, and that’ll give us all the fuel we need to put on the best show we can." 

Lleo's music has been described as melodious and laid-back; filled with strong ties to the natural world that can be seen in the close balance between peace and drama that he brings to his work. He attributes this to his childhood growing up in Worcestershire's Lickey Hills and his love of surfing.


The album was recorded live in its entirety over the course of an afternoon in Park Studios, Birmingham by Lleo and his six-piece band. His first two singles, "Bedroom Door" and "No Way Back" have also been made available on the young artist's Vevo page. "Bedroom Door" was featured on Spotify's One Week One Playlist this week while "No Way Back" was used in the latest trailer for Boardmasters Surf & Music Festival.  

Check out the video for "Rising Water" here: