Don't miss Alex Lleo's new EP 'Park Studios, JQ'

Alex Lleo's new debut EP which is titled 'Park Studios' is out now and it contains some very soulful and melodic music.

                            Don't miss Alex Lleo's new EP 'Park Studios, JQ'
Guitar picture (Source : Getty Images)

Newcomer Alex Lleo's new debut EP,  'Park Studios, JQ' is out now. The new EP's title was taken from the studio in which the EP was recorded with Alex and his 6-piece band performing the three songs live in one afternoon. There is a mellowness and a warmth to these debut recordings which makes them feel timeless and totally fresh. 

The three songs are soulful and heartfelt and end up leaving a huge emotional impact. 

Alex has been gradually releasing a series of session videos depicting the live recording of each track. Watch Alex and his band performing all three tracks live in the studio on YouTube ('Bedroom Door', 'No Way Back', and 'Rising Water') and stream the EP in full on Spotify here.

His first two singles, "Bedroom Door" and "No Way Back" have also been made available on the young artist's Vevo page. "Bedroom Door" was featured on Spotify's One Week One Playlist this week while "No Way Back" was used in the latest trailer for Boardmasters Surf & Music Festival.  

Alex’s creative outlook has been shaped by Worcestershire's Lickey Hills where Alex lives and grew up, the awe-inspiring Scandinavian mountains, and surfing the various coastlines of the British Isles. His attachment to harmony and peace come across through his music. 

Alex Lleo will embark on two headline shows with his full live band this week, including his debut London headline show at St Pancras Old Church on Weds 2nd May.