'Supermarket Stakeout': Release date, plot, cast and all you need know about Alex Guarnaschelli's new show on Food Network

'Supermarket Stakeout': Release date, plot, cast and all you need know about Alex Guarnaschelli's new show on Food Network

Food Network has announced the release of their new show ' Supermarket Stakeout' which will be hosted by the well-known New York chef Alex Guarnaschelli.

Needless to say, the new reality TV show revolves around shopping for and making food and will see chefs take part in different competitions.

The show will air on the popular Food Network which is owned by Television Food Network.

Release date

The reality show will premiere on August 13 at 10 pm on Food Network. 


'Supermarket Stakeout' revolves around tough competitions where chefs have to think fast and cook food using products out of bags and carts that have been brought from a supermarket.

The ingredients will be a random selection of food products even if it includes one apple, a loaf of bread or a pack of diapers.

The chefs still have to prepare a unique dish for the judges, all with the clock ticking.

The idea is to see if they will make it work even if time and ingredients are going against them.

Each episode will kick off with a culinary trap outside a supermarket where the four competing chefs will have to approach random shoppers leaving the store to negotiate the bags right out of their hands, not knowing what is inside.


There will be three rounds and each will have a theme. The chefs will have a budget of $500. They will be limited to using the items they manage to wrangle out of the customer's bags.

The rotating panel of judges will then determine which challenger has had the most success with the dishes.

The show will end with one chef walking away with the cash for a year's worth of supplies. 

Cast and director

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Lindt EXCELLENCE Host A Dark Chocolate Tasting on May 14, 2019, in New York City.

Host Alex Guarnaschelli is the daughter of cookbook editor Maria and Italian and Chinese cooking enthusiast John Guarnaschelli.

She spent her entire childhood surrounded by food. 

She is a chef and executive chef by profession at New York City's Butter restaurant. She also has worked as an executive chef at the Darby Restaurant before it closed down.


Apart from hosting 'Supermarket Stakeout', she will also be directing the reality show to make it stand out among other food competition shows. 

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