Alessia Cara’s ‘The Pains of Growing’ arrives this Friday. Here's the lowdown on everything we know and what to expect

The Grammy-winning Best New Artiste returns with a follow up to her debut 'Know-It-All'. Here's a ready reckoner of everything we know so far and what to expect from the new album

                            Alessia Cara’s ‘The Pains of Growing’ arrives this Friday. Here's the lowdown on everything we know and what to expect

Almost exactly three years ago, Alessia Cara arrived on the scene with her chart-topping debut effort 'Know-It-All'. Now the fast-rising alt R&B singer is back to delight fans with her highly anticipated sophomore album 'The Pains Of Growing'.

Between then and now, Cara collaborated with DJ and producer Zedd to create the hit tune 'Stay', and joined forces with Logic to create the life-affirming smash hit '1-800-273-8255'. Then came the big moment for the Canadian songbird. After four nominations at the Grammys in 2018, she bagged the Grammy Award for Best New Artiste. Riding the wave of soaring success, Cara is all set to make a thumping comeback this Friday. Before the album hits the airwaves, here's a quick breakdown of everything we know about the album and what to expect:

When is it out?

'The Pains of Growing' arrives this Friday, November 30, via Def Jam Records. Pre-orders are ongoing.


Have there been any early singles?

Yes indeed! And Cara has been quite generous with them too. Four songs out of the 15-track effort have already been released. The lead single came in the form of the title track 'Growing Pains', which dropped earlier this June. This was followed by 'A Little More', which was released on July 11 to celebrate the young singer's 22nd birthday. A third single arrived in the form of 'Trust My Lonely', which dropped last month. And the most recent single to drop was 'Not Today'.

We need to talk about that oversized suit

Judging by the early singles, the obvious title, accompanying music videos and the imagery of the album, it seems like 'The Pains Of Growing' could loosely be a concept album that deals with Cara's coming of age and the disillusionment and coming-to-terms of growing up. There's been a lot of buzz around Cara's attire on the album art. Keeping in tune with the theme of the album, Cara sports an oversized grey suit on the album art. She has also been rocking the look at all her live performances, including TV performances on Fallon, Colbert and The Today Show.

"It's an artistic way of symbolizing the idea of growing up," she told the 'Today' crew. “Some­times you kind of feel like you're drowning and you feel like you're not ready for the roles life throws at you so this was my way of symbolizing it in an artistic way."

The suit is definitely a metaphor for the themes addressed in the album — of the pains of "adulting" and fitting into expected societal roles and how it can feel all too strange sometimes.

What more can we expect?

Cara confirmed on Twitter recently that all the songs released so far were penned by her entirely. Producers Andrew "Pop" Wansel and Warren "Oak" Felder lent a hand on some of the tracks but apart from that, there are no collaborations as such on the album.

She did tap producer No I.D. for the track 'Comfortable' though. Overall, it would be fair to expect an album that showcases Cara's maturity over her short rise. Although the previewed singles didn't experiment too much with the sound, we can expect more variety than what we got on 'Know-It-All'.

In Cara's own words: "I hope people enjoy the new sounds I’m experimenting with, it’s a little more mature and I’m talking about things with more vulnerability. It’s a change from the first album, which was written and released when I was still a teenager. Now I’m more open and comfortable with myself, so I’m able to talk about things more freely.”

The tracklist:

1. Growing Pains
2. Not Today
3. I Don’t Want To
4. 7 Days
5. Trust My Lonely
6. Wherever I Live
7. All We Know
8. A Little More
9. Comfortable
10. Nintendo Game
11. Out Of Love
12. Girl Next Door
13. My Kind
14. Easier Said
15. Growing Pains (Reprise)

*bold = early singles