Alesha MacPhail's mother wants to meet her daughter's killer in jail, look him in the eye and 'ask why he did it'

Alesha MacPhail's mother wants to meet her daughter's killer in jail, look him in the eye and 'ask why he did it'

The mother of little Alesha MacPhail, Georgina Lochrane, is very keen to visit her daughter's killer in prison as she would like to "look into his eyes and ask why". Lochrane revealed that she is unable to be at peace since the killer Aaron Campbell appealed against his sentence.

Despite the fact that Campbell denied the offense, he has since admitted that he was responsible for snatching the six-year-old child from her bed and then murdering her. He is currently appealing his life sentence. The teenage killer had been ordered to serve a minimum term of at least 27 years. Judge Lord Matthews called Campbell "a cold, callous, calculating and remorseless and dangerous individual."

Alesha MacPhail's mother Georgina Lochrane wants to ask the killer why he did what he did (Getty Images)

The Sun reported that a family insider shared with the Sunday Express, "She wants to sit opposite him, look into his eyes and ask why. She feels it is her right. Whether it is allowed I don't know, but she will be aiming to do that once we know where we are with the appeal." 

Campbell's nine-day trial had heard how Campbell had kidnapped Alesha at knifepoint while she was asleep. She was on vacation in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute in Scotland along with her father and grandparents. Campbell carried the six-year-old around half a mile to a woodland and then raped and murdered the child. A police officer in the witness stand wept while giving evidence due to his memory of the slain child's brutalized body.

Campbell is currently serving his sentence at the Polmont prison in Falkirk, Scotland, and initially could not be identified or named during his trial at the High Court in Glasgow given his age. Judge Lord Matthews lifted the ban and said, "I can’t think of a case in recent times that attracted such revulsion." 

Alesha MacPhail was brutally raped and murdered by sick teenager Aaron Campbell (Getty Images)

Alesha's grandfather Calum MacPhail is campaigning for a change of law so that serious young offenders start to receive adult sentences. His petition has been able to garner 20,000 signatures in two weeks. Calum shared, "Now he is appealing, it puts it into perspective even further. He’s already not been given a full sentence and now he is appealing to have a lesser sentence."

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