Alesha Dixon desperately wants another baby with boyfriend Azuka Ononye, but worries that at 39, she‘s ‘too old‘

Alesha Dixon desperately wants another baby with boyfriend Azuka Ononye, but worries that at 39, she‘s ‘too old‘
Azuka Ononye and Alesha Dixon attends The 9th Annual Global Gift Gala held at The Rosewood Hotel on November 02, 2018 in London, England. (Getty Images)

Alesha Dixon recently confessed that she desperately wants another child, but fears that she might be too old for it. The Britain's Got Talent judge, who has a four-year-old daughter, Azura, with partner Azuka Ononye believes that it would be great for her daughter to have a sibling but thinks that it may have been a bit late now. 

Alesha says she wants another kid with boyfriend Azuka  (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)


"Not a day goes by without me longing for another baby," she told You magazine. She added that she has always wanted to have a big family and hopes that maybe, she will be able to have it one day. “I don’t know whether it will happen given my age but I adore the idea of a large family and I hope I will be lucky," she said. As of now, Alesha has plans on giving all her attention to her daughter.


“The love I feel for Azura is so pure and unconditional. The main thing is to enjoy her in the present and be philosophical about the future because what will be will be," she said. The pair has been dating for more than 10 years and even though the couple has not been engaged, fans are convinced that they secretly tied the knot. 

The couple has been together for 10 years  (Getty Images)

During an appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show Christmas Special, Alesha spoke about how Azuka had stopped proposing him after she kept telling him no. But one thing that caught the attention of her fans was how she chose to describe him as her "husband". 

She introduced him to the show by saying, "My lovely husband AZ, you can call him Azuka!" However, the pair was not wearing a wedding ring. The duo had appeared on the show to take part in Micahel’s regular skit Send To All, and Alesha confessed that Christmas was her favorite time of the year because this was the only holiday when she got a good amount of time to spend with her friends and family. 


"I’m very lucky that both of us have brothers who are amazing cooks, so we just lap it up!" she said. The couple met 10 years ago when Alesha was on the road for her music and Azuka was a dancer for her tour. She confessed that for a year she tried to play hard to get but looking at how supportive he has been throughout her life, she could not help but giving the relationship a shot.

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