Alec Baldwin TROLLED for supporting Chris Rock amid Oscars slapgate: 'Glad Rock didn't joke about his wife'

Alec Baldwin has been brutally trolled online for tweeting in support of Chris Rock after the comedian was slapped by Will Smith during the 2022 Academy Awards

                            Alec Baldwin TROLLED for supporting Chris Rock amid Oscars slapgate: 'Glad Rock didn't joke about his wife'
Alec Baldwin shows support for Chris Rock after Will Smith smacked him during the 2022 Oscars (Dimitrios Kambouris and Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin entered the Chris Rock-Will Smith Oscars drama on Monday, 28 March, and tweeted his support for the comedian, also comparing the 94th Academy Awards to the Jerry Springer Show. Baldwin tweeted, “I am not reading much about how, or even if, the producers attended to Chris. But I love you, @chrisrock. And I’m sorry the Oscars turned into the Jerry Springer show.”

During the film’s biggest night, actor Will Smith rushed to the stage and slapped Rock for making a bald joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia. The actor then returned to his seat and twice shouted at the comedian, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth.” Since this incident, many people have shown their support for Chris Rock online, and even Will Smith apologized to the comedian. While some people have praised Baldwin for supporting Rock but given his history of beating people over the smallest of things, killing someone unintentionally, and defending his wife publicly, many online users are seeing it as an irony and are trolling him.


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Back in November 2018, Baldwin allegedly beat up a man named Wojciech Cieszkowski in New York over a parking spot. After denying the case for quite some time, Baldwin settled the lawsuit in January 2022. And in 2021, Baldwin accidentally killed a young cinematographer Halyna Hutchins using a prop gun. And in December 2020, in a rambling Instagram video, Alec Baldwin defended his wife Hilaria Baldwin after people on social media accused her of faking her Spanish heritage and accent, urging his followers to check the source before believing the news.

Some fans are thankful to Baldwin for supporting Rock. One fan commented under his Instagram post, "100% agreed. How Smith was not thrown out is beyond comprehension." Another wrote, "Thank you for speaking out so many people haven't I don't get it, and Will Smith's acceptance speech was as sickening as his behavior."

Another supported Baldwin's comparison of Oscar 2022 to Jerry Springer Show saying, "The whole country has turned into the Jerry Springer show. Starting around November 2016."

Comments on Alec Baldwin's Instagram post supporting Chris Rock (@alecbaldwininsta)

Another tried to bring in a different perspective and even brought Baldwin's wife Hilaria into the conversation and commented, "Not saying I agree with Will or saying he was justified but just wonder how you will feel when someone says something about Hilaria that is hurtful. Again not saying Will did the right thing. Just wondering if he was caught in the moment."

Comments on Alec Baldwin's Instagram post supporting Chris Rock (@alecbaldwininsta/Instagram)


Meanwhile, on Twitter, people are trolling him and dragging him into the Oscar slapgate given his past incidents. One user sarcastically tweeted, "Glad Chris Rock didn't tell a joke about Alec Baldwin's wife." Another shared a GIF of a man killing someone with a gun and captioned it as, "If Chris rock made fun of Alec Baldwin's wife."

One user commented on his Instagram post, "Didnt you slap a parking attendant once? And a photographer? And call your young daughter a pig? You know what it is like to snap. (But I have tremendous empathy for you hat you have gone through these past months)."

Another user commented on his post, "I wish Will Smith had hit him harder. I always liked you Alec Baldwin, but youve turned." Another wrote, "I hear you Alec lot of love sir to you! Will Smith was defending his wife I can’t knock that any man would done that if you saw your wife wasn’t smiling or not laughing at all yeah grown man situation Wife comes first always."  




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