Is 'Alchemy of Souls' renewed for Season 2? Go Yoon-jung set to be new female lead

Is 'Alchemy of Souls' renewed for Season 2? Go Yoon-jung set to be new female lead
tvN K-drama 'Alchemy of Souls' gets renewed for a second season with a new female lead (@tvn_drama, @goyounjung/Instagram)

Korean dramas are taking over the world just like K-pop and now with streaming platforms like Netflix airing K-dramas at the same time as their initial broadcast, fans have been watching some shows at the same time as Korean locals. With the boost of K-dramas off lately, there has been a lot of buzz about certain shows being renewed for newer seasons. Unlike shows from the west, Korean dramas usually only have one season which either has 12, 16, or 20 episodes at the most.

With each episode of their shows being longer than an hour, Korean shows end up completing their stories within a season but some shows do need more time to unveil their entire plot. So is the case for the ongoing tnN drama, 'Alchemy of Souls' that is recently gaining extreme popularity due to its impeccable storyline. The show started gaining popularity in earnest and soon after the successful rise of its first season, 'Alchemy of Souls' is now being renewed for a second season.


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'Alchemy of Souls' will have a second season

On July 12, it was reported that the tvN and Netflix drama, 'Alchemy of Souls' starring Lee Jae-wook will be filming its second season in the days to come after the popularity of Season 1. Part 1 of 'Alchemy of Souls' consists of 20 episodes in total and was initially broadcast on June 18. Out of the 20 episodes of its first season, 'Alchemy of Souls' has already aired eight episodes. Episode 9 of the show will premiere on Saturday, July 16.

Despite airing only eight out of 20 episodes, the show is now reportedly greenlit for a second season which shows the popularity of the K-drama. It was announced that Part 2 of 'Alchemy of Souls' will have 10 additional episodes but it was announced that a new female lead will replace actress Jung So-min as the female lead. The report stated that the filming for the second season of the K-drama has started with the addition of a new cast member, namely actress Go Yoon-jung.


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Go Yoon-jung to appear as the female lead of 'Alchemy of Souls 2'

In the episodes that have already aired of the show, Go Yoon-jung made a cameo as the Nak-su, and fans are excited to see the character return as a main character in the second season. While talking about renewing the show for a new season the makers of the show said, "The reason for dividing the show into two parts is because it was harder for us to put the story of the narrative and the relationship between characters in 20 episodes." It is being reported that all cast members except Jung So-min have confirmed their return in the second season of 'Alchemy of Souls'.

Jung So-min's agency raised curiosity among fans stating that the actress was still discussing her appearance in the second season of the show which means there could be two female leads in the upcoming season. However, fans are still left curious about the female lead of the second season. One fan said, "Ok i am today years old to realise that #AlchemyOfSouls writer is Hong sisters?!! No wonder it is so good! Btw, There’s season 2 and sadly Mudeok will not be there?!! They want the real Naksu to be their end game ke??! But i like Jang Uk and Mudeok to be together!" One more fan said, "I LOVE BOTH NAKSU AND MUDEOK SO WE NEED BOTH ACTRESSES IN SEASON 2 if i dont see both actresses in season 2 ima go MAAAD."

One neutral fan said, "It does not matter if it’s Jung So Min or Go Yoon Jung being the female lead for Season 2, as long as Jang Uk gets to be with the one he loves and MuDeok and Naksu too have their happy ending, it’s already enough to make #AlchemyOfSouls the most worthy drama for 2022." One fan said, "I loved GYJ but thinking that JungSoMin is not on the Season 2 as the female lead and the reamining cast and male lead is there makes me feel disappointed. I loved #JungSoMin so much and we already inloved by her character in this season." One fan said, "I hate it when they do this. Just dont make a season 2 if its not the same actress in season 1 cause it will just ruin the viewers imagination and its confusing asf. I hope she's not replacing mudeok in the show and its a story of naksu when she was still alive."






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