'Alaskan Bush People' Season 10: Fans worried as Gabe and Raquell move into a barn with wood-burning stove

If you thought Noah Brown building a self-heating baby bath was bizarre, then this gets more bizarre. Brown brother Gabe decides to move to a barn with his wife Raquell and decides to use a wood-burning stove for warmth. Are they in for a "glowing" winter?

                            'Alaskan Bush People' Season 10: Fans worried as Gabe and Raquell move into a barn with wood-burning stove

The second episode of the tenth season of Discovery’s popular reality show ‘Alaskan Bush People’ aired on August 11 and we saw the Brown family back to its routine filled with crazy antics and lots of howling. In this episode, we saw the Browns continuing to build themselves a home for the winter. The Brown brothers all try to figure out a way to complete building their homes before the winter begins. While the most annoying Brown family member - Bear - has already got his living situation sorted (he hauled a 3000-pound metal container up to a mountain top and made it his home), the other brothers are still trying to make headway in getting their dream abode ready just in time for winter.
Gabe Brown who spent his time between helping his sister Birdy in getting her house ready and working on his own house, finally has the revelation that trying to build a house in such a short frame of time might not be the best idea and decides to play smart like Bear and comes up with the  idea of moving into the family’s animal barn for the winter. He pitches this idea to his wife, Raquell. Raquell initially expresses concerns over it. Her concerns were that the barn might be smelly, and also the bathroom situation might get tricky in the barn. But Gabe tells her that everything would be fine and that this was a short-term solution until they come up with a concrete plan for their dream home. Raquel hesitantly agrees to it. Then, later in the confessional, Gabe reveals that he’s doing everything he can to make sure that his wife is as comfortable as she can get in the barn. He enlists the help of his siblings and gets a wood-burning stove into the barn to keep it warm up there. Later, when he shows his masterpiece to Raquell, she tries to look as excited as a girl can at the prospect of living with farm animals in the damp cold climate.

Raquell & Gabe Brown (Instagram)

Fans seemed concerned for their safety. The Browns seem to have a proclivity towards living on the edge, last week Noah builds a contraption that could potentially electrocute his baby, and this week Gabe hauls in a huge wood-burning stove to his barn made of wood to keep it warm. A fan wrote, “Woodstove 🤔 wood barn 🤔 what could go wrong??” Another fan referring to Raquell’s suggestion of sprucing up space with some candles, commented, “Yes. Candles, hay and a wood-burning stove. Good idea.  #AlaskanBushPeople”. Fans were also mocking Raquel’s decision to go with her husband’s plan of living in the barn. A fan tweeted, “Raquells parents are probably wondering where the hell they went wrong... their poor daughter thought it would be a good idea to move into a barn with someone with no job... #AlaskanBushPeople."

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