'Alaskan Bush People': Billy Brown helps Bam Bam understand how asking family for help is a good thing

'Alaskan Bush People': Billy Brown helps Bam Bam understand how asking family for help is a good thing
Billy Brown (Discovery)

Billy Brown knows the importance of working with the family and he wants Joshua Brown (Bam Bam) to know the same. Unlike the others, Bam Bam tends to work alone as he believes it helps to get the work done faster and without any disturbance. However, Billy decided to sit down with him and give him some advice when it comes to working with the family. 

Billy was concerned that unlike the others, Bam Bam had not started working on his house yet. This made him concerned if he will be able to get the house done on time. Bam Bam stated that he had everything under control and there was nothing to worry about. But one thing that concerned Billy was the fact that Bam Bam was hesitant to take the help of another person. 

He advised him to use the help from his family to get started on the house until the material to build his house gets in place. Admitting that it might take time for things to come together, Bam Bam decided to take help from Gabe Brown for cutting the trees to make sure they have the location set to start building. 


Gabe was more than happy to help his brother out but it soon turned out to be a nightmare. Gabe was the one who was cutting the trees and in an unfortunate event, one of the trees landed atop the other which made the place dangerous. Bam Bam was not happy to see this and regretted that he took help.

He decided to undo the mistakes made by Gabe and added that this was one of the reasons that he preferred to work alone rather than take help from his family members. Gabe felt bad about causing him trouble but was not happy to see how Bam Bam was going back to his old ways and being rude about everything. 

Fortunately, talking to Noah Brown helped him understand that he needed to calm down and know that everyone makes mistakes. Billy also wanted Bam Bam to learn the same thing and luckily, this incident helped him realize that. Finally, working along with Gabe, Bam Bam was able to cut the trees that he needed while understanding that two is better than one. 


'Alaskan Bush People' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Discovery Channel. 

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