How did Alan McLoughlin die? Fans mourn Irish soccer star's tragic death at 54: 'Taken way too soon'

How did Alan McLoughlin die? Fans mourn Irish soccer star's tragic death at 54: 'Taken way too soon'
Alan McLoughlin in action on the field (Getty Images via Allsport UK /Allsport)

Legendary soccer star Alan McLoughlin, who played for the Former Republic of Ireland and helped the team qualify for the 1994 World Cup, has died at the age of 54 years. He had also played as a midfielder for English clubs Swindon, Southhampton and Portsmouth during his professional career in the 1990s. Later, from 2011 to 2014, McLoughlin also coached the team of Portsmouth. 

At the time of his death, McLoughlin was residing at Swindon in England with his wife and two daughters. His death was mourned by hundreds of fans, as they remembered his career-best moments as a player for Ireland. 


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Alan McLoughlin (Getty Images via Allsport UK)

How did Alan McLoughlin die?

According to The Irish Times, Alan died after a prolonged battle with cancer for more than two years. He was first diagnosed with a kidney tumor in September 2012. He had been living with renal cell carcinoma since then. Later, in November 2019, it was discovered that cancer had spread to his kidney, chest wall, and lungs. In a statement issued in March 2021, McLoughlin had detailed his struggle with cancer.

"I underwent immunotherapy that unfortunately didn't work, and I was in hospital several days due to side effects that affected my kidney." He added that in January 2021 his health improved and 'things looked stable'. However, it was soon revealed that the tumor had grown in his vertebrae. He once admitted that the word cancer filled him with fright and terror. He had undergone surgery and radiotherapy treatment before losing his battle with cancer. 

'Rest in peace, Macca'

McLoughlin, who was nicknamed 'Macca', had won 42 caps for the Republic of Ireland including two at the 1990 Italy World Cup. "We are incredibly saddened to learn that Alan McLoughlin has passed away aged 54. Rest in peace, Macca," Swindon Town FC tweeted after his death.

"So, so sad about Alan McLoughlin, a lovely man and the scorer of a goal that will be spoken about when we're all gone. Love this segment from Road to America documentary that @KevByrneBox posted earlier. The great Fallons in D8 features heavily," Irish football correspondent Daniel McDonnell wrote. 

Irish actor Simon Delaney tweeted, "Such sad news about Alan McLoughlin. What memories he gave us fans. A legend of the game. May he Rest In Peace. #alanmcloughlin"

Another fan wrote, "Rip Alan McLoughlin. Taken way too soon."








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