Alabama mom who left 4 kids starving in wooden cages filled with feces jailed for breaking bail agreement

Alabama mom who left 4 kids starving in wooden cages filled with feces jailed for breaking bail agreement
(Lee County Sheriff's Office)

LEE COUNTY, ALABAMA: A mother who allegedly locked her children inside wooden cages filled with feces has been jailed on Wednesday, September 23, for breaking her bail agreement terms. Kylla Michelle Mann reportedly failed to appear for court-ordered drug tests. Besides, she broke another rule of her bail terms by moving to Mississippi. There also she faces a new charge after being accused of stealing lottery tickets.

The 30-year-old from Lee County in Alabama was initially arrested in January on child abuse and child endangerment charges after a welfare check at their house revealed the grim condition of four children aged three, four, 10 and 11. At the time, investigators called the family home “house of horrors” after seeing the horrible condition. “There was feces on the actual wood itself. There was some stains of feces and urine on the mattresses. There was cockroaches crawling on the walls and on the mattress as well,”  Lee County Investigator Greg Sumner told a court in February as reported by WSFA.

As per the Lee Country Sheriff's Office after authorities found "evidence that the children had been locked in the cages on multiple occasions” by Mann - a mother of five children - they were removed from the house and placed in the custody of the state Department of Human Resources. In January, along with the mother, two other adults - reportedly kids’ great grandparents - were also arrested. Pamela Deloris Bond, 66, was charged with two counts of Aggravated Child Abuse of child less than six years of age, two counts of Reckless Endangerment, and one count of Tampering with Physical Evidence while her partner, 69-year-old James H Bond, was pressed with charges that included two counts of Aggravated Child abuse of a child less than six years of age and two counts of Reckless Endangerment.

At the time of their arrests, a neighbor identified as John Rigby said he did not know kids were kept against their will at the house. "I’ve seen school buses. You hardly ever see the children. I wouldn’t have known, except for the school buses, that the children were there. You see people, you see people come and go. The man is the only one I’ve ever seen over there, but from what I’ve learned, that’s appalling,” he added.

Mann’s latest arrest means she will remain in prison at the Lee County Detention Facility until the case goes to trial or a plea deal is made.

In another incident, a couple was arrested on a number of charges after their one-year-old son was found dead due to drug overdose. Tracy Humphreys and Thomas Snelsire turned themselves into Allegheny County Police on September 24 after Thomas Humphreys was found dead at his home on September 13. It was later discovered that the toddler had Fentanyl in his blood. Both the suspects now face several charges that included criminal homicide, endangering the welfare of children, and several counts each of drug possession and possession with intent to deliver. James Sheets, an attorney for Tracy, said, “Any homicide is tragic but when you have a situation where the victim is as young as 1, this is particularly tragic. These are allegations at this point. We will work the case as it winds its way through the system.”

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 Alabama mother who locked kids in wooden cages jailed for breaking terms of her bail agreement