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Alabama boy, 12, constructs tall tale about mother's death before revealing what REALLY happened

The sheriff's office stated, 'This offence is a tragedy for the Cook family and the entire community'
UPDATED AUG 10, 2022
Djuan Cook, Ayobiyi Cook's husband informed people to wear her favorite color, orange for the funeral (Facebook/Djuan Cook)
Djuan Cook, Ayobiyi Cook's husband informed people to wear her favorite color, orange for the funeral (Facebook/Djuan Cook)

FORESTDALE, ALABAMA: Ayobiyi Abeni Harris Cook was accidentally shot dead by her 12-year-old son at their house in Forestdale, Alabama, shortly after midnight. Cook, a 29-year-old woman, was discovered dead at her house by Alabama police on Saturday, August 6, after officers responded to a 911 call, according to a statement from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Police initially said that a guy was seen running away from the residence where Cook's body was discovered, which prompted the 911 call. Authorities at the time asked anyone with information about the crime to submit more details because they felt there was no forced entry into the property. Authorities said that after initially lying to officers about what occurred, the 12-year-old boy admitted to shooting and killing his mother.


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Police had released a statement that read, "After investigation, Sheriff’s Detectives were able to determine that the victim’s 12-year-old son unintentionally discharged a firearm striking his mother (and) causing her death."


"The child originally fabricated a story that detectives determined was not possible. The child eventually gave a true account of what happened," the statement concluded. The boy's second explanation was supported by evidence gathered at the scene, which convinced authorities that the shooting wasn't intentional.

Authorities said the little kid and his family have been cooperative, and the case will be heard in family court. The unnamed child will continue to live with his family. The sheriff's office stated, "This offence is a tragedy for the Cook family and the entire community."


Cook's husband, Djuan Cook, posted information on his wife's memorial proceedings on Facebook. He stated, "Orange was Yo's favorite color so feel to wear it as we celebrate her life 🧡." The memorial service for Cook, who was affectionately referred to as "Yo" or "YoYo," will take place on August 12.

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