Matthias Mann arrested for paying man $75 to subject friend to 'most brutal rape imaginable'

FBI investigators apprehended Matthias Jacob Edward Mann, 22, after he was reportedly caught trying to pay for the 'brutal rape' of a female friend

                            Matthias Mann arrested for paying man $75 to subject friend to 'most brutal rape imaginable'
Matthias Jacob Edward Mann wanted someone to 'brutally' kidnap and rape a woman he had met online (WHNT News 19/YouTube)

FBI investigators apprehended a 22-year-old guy after he reportedly used the social networking app Kik to hire someone to rape a female friend. The FBI arrested Matthias Jacob Edward Mann at his home on January 5 on accusations of an attempted kidnapping and the attempt to lure someone to cross state lines to conduct a sexual offence.

An investigator with the Owatonna Police Department in Minnesota was apparently watching a group named "Abduction and [email protected] 3" on the app Kik in December. Using the pseudonym "Dylan H," according to court documents, Mann reportedly wrote in the group, "Can anyone abduct and rape a b--ch in Wisconsin?" Detective Berg, an undercover detective, allegedly responded to Mann and claimed he would help.


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Mann, under the alias Dylan H, communicated information on the intended victim with Berg. He allegedly referred to the lady from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, as an "ex-friend" and told Berg, who had no idea he was an undercover cop, that he wanted her to experience "the most brutal rape imaginable." Mann allegedly sent $75 through a payment app to cover expenses for the supposed abduction. Mann and Berg reportedly spoke on the phone, which Berg recorded, in which Mann asked him to record a video to confirm it actually occurred. Mann said he would pay Berg $100 for gas and $2,000 once the rape occurred. He reportedly told Berg to send the video of the rape to an address in Hartselle.


Mann allegedly transmitted images and the address of the targeted victim to Berg. Berg is said to have spoken with Sun Prairie Police and devised a strategy to keep the woman safe. Computer data linked to Mann's Kik account and phone location information was used to locate the address where he was apprehended, presumably while visiting family. When evidence suggested that the suspect was in Alabama, the FBI office in Huntsville was called in. The woman informed police she met Mann online and talked with him on Twitter, but they had not met in person, according to court papers. According to reports, law enforcement officers went to Mann's residence and discovered a car registered in his name. He was apprehended and is currently being detained at the Morgan County Jail.

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