Who is Cameron Elliott? Alabama girlfriend-beater sexually tortures, bites baby to her death during 10-minute ride

There were bruises, abrasions and welts on her neck, face, shoulder and legs and a bite mark on her arm

                            Who is Cameron Elliott? Alabama girlfriend-beater sexually tortures, bites baby to her death during 10-minute ride
Cameron Elliott has been charged for the murder of a baby (City of Decatur Police)

DECATUR, ALABAMA: A man has been charged for the murder of a baby, who he allegedly sexually tortured, bit, and beat during a "10-minute car ride". The alleged horrific act carried out by Cameron Elliott resulted in the death of the eight-month-old who was returned to her mother while "gasping for air", The Sun reported. The tot was on life support for six days before being taken off on Monday, February 15.

Reports said that the 22-year-old alleged child killer has been pressed with capital murder, sexual torture, and various drug charges. He has been held at the Morgan County Jail without bond. The relationship between the victim and Elliott has not been revealed by the authorities.


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An affidavit by Detective Timothy Pace stated that on February 9 night, a medical call was made to Morgan County 911 reporting an unresponsive baby. Police soon went to the 2200 block of Victoria Drive Southwest along with medical personnel, where they found the child “gasping for air and unresponsive,” with bruises, abrasions and welts on her neck, face, shoulder and legs, “and a bite mark on her arm”. She was first taken to the Parkway campus of Decatur Morgan Hospital. “Medical staff there advised all of her injuries appeared to be recent and her nonresponsive condition was due to the amount of trauma her body had received,” Pace said while adding the victim was then shifted to Birmingham, Alabama.

The child’s mother was interrogated by Pace. She told him her little girl was fine. She added that as per the affidavit "Cameron Almen Elliott took (the child) on a car ride and when he returned approximately 10 minutes later (she) was gasping for air and in her current state.” It has been said that if found guilty, the accused would face death sentence or life imprisonment as per Alabama’s law.

Reports also said that Elliott is not new to criminal charges. Earlier, he had been charged thrice with misdemeanor domestic violence for allegedly assaulting an ex-girlfriend. On May 12, 2019, he allegedly struck an ex-girlfriend in the face and head and scratched her arms and back. Again, on September 28, 2019, he visited the same woman’s house and allegedly punched her in the mouth, an affidavit by Decatur police Officer Jonathan Espino stated. “Once (the woman) was on the ground, Elliott started stomping her head and kicked her several times, once in the stomach,” Espino added. The woman was reportedly pregnant at the time with the suspect’s baby. She also had another child with the man.

The municipal court cases against  Elliott were later shifted to the Circuit Court, where they remain pending. Also, the woman who was allegedly assaulted by the accused submitted a letter to authorities in November 2019, requesting charges to be dropped. “We have put it behind us and have moved forward. We’ve been co-parenting and getting along,” she mentioned in the letter. However, Elliott’s alleged violence did not end there as he attacked the same woman again on March 26, 2020. That domestic violence charge is also unresolved.

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