Did Al Pacino really take a nap at Golden Globes 2021? Fans pit him against 'sleeping Martin Scorsese' from Oscars

The legendary actor was caught napping in Zoom video at event, with users says 'he has better things to do'

                            Did Al Pacino really take a nap at Golden Globes 2021? Fans pit him against 'sleeping Martin Scorsese' from Oscars
Al Pacino napping at the Golden Globes 2021 (@HylianTimelord, Twitter)

Al Pacino is trending on Twitter, but it's not for winning an award. Instead, the legendary actor was caught napping on a Zoom call at the 2021 Golden Globes Awards. Naturally, the moment went viral with some users comparing it to the moment Martin Scorcese was caught napping at the 2020 Academy Awards during a performance by Eminem. 

The moment was caught on camera as Josh O'Connor was accepting his win for 'Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Drama Series'. The Englishman won the award for his portrayal of Prince Charles on 'The Crown'. Pacino was also in contention for the award for his role as Meyer Offerman in Amazon's 'Hunters'. 


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Al Pacino (Getty Images)

The 80-year-old probably just zoned out as the award ceremony went on for longer than he expected. Or, like many of us, he could've just been bored being stuck in front of a computer. Either way, he might have just eclipsed O'Connor's win. 

Many users shared the moment on social media, trolling the star. One user summed it up, saying, "Zoned out Al Pacino is his best performance in a while." Another tweeted "The best part is that Al Pacino is such a grandpa that he will only find out he’s trending because his grandkids tell him. Relatable".



Others called on users to leave Al Pacino alone. One user tweeted "hejshsj i saw Al Pacino trending and it's so funny bye let the man rest". Yet another said "Al Pacino had better things to do than to be on Zoom". One more called on Twitter to "Leave Al Pacino alone, dammit". Pacino also found some solidarity, with one user tweeting "If I make it to his age, you bet your ass I'll be napping as much as Al Pacino"





Having spent a year remote working, many users also used the opportunity to poke some fun at Zoom and the endless hours of videoconferencing we have all had to endure. "Al Pacino is me in every Zoom meeting that could have been an email," said one user. Another said, "Al Pacino is me." Comparing him to Martin Scorcese, one fan posted, "Choose your fighter: sleeping Al Pacino vs sleeping Martin Scorsese."



The official 2021 Golden Globe Awards was telecast on February 28 at 8 pm ET and the pre-show was streamed live from the official @GoldenGlobes Twitter account and on the website goldenglobes.com at 6.30 pm ET.

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