Who killed Akeila Ware? Pregnant woman shot in 'targeted' killing on Georgia highway

Troup County Sheriff’s Office makes arrest in relation to shooting in North Carolina, confirmed it was not a road rage but 'targeted' incident

                            Who killed Akeila Ware? Pregnant woman shot in 'targeted' killing on Georgia highway
Akeila Ware, who was gunned down while driving in Troup County, Georgia (Twitter)

TROUP COUNTY, GEORGIA: 29-year-old Akeila Ware and her unborn child were killed after she was shot on a Georgia highway on October 5. According to reports, Ware was hit by gunfire along Highway 18 in Troup County, sending her car crashing into a tree. Two days later, police have finally arrested a suspect in the case, in North Carolina. The one thing we know for sure at this point is that it wasn't a road rage incident, Ware was reportedly "targeted" by the shooter.

Ware is one of the many pregnant women to be killed this year, as America's crime rates continue to soar all over the nation. In late September, 21-year-old Felicia Jones was found dead in a Jacksonville park and believed to have been killed. In August, we reported on the identification of Yarianna Wheeler, whose body was recovered from Lake Michigan in Illinois. There is also a vague conspiracy theory doing the rounds that Gabby Petito was pregnant at the time of her death, possibly with Brian Laundrie's child.


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Described as a nurse and mother of five, Ware's death has come as a shock to her family, who cannot believe someone would want to harm her. She is a resident of LaGrange and reportedly became a nurse just two years ago. With her death, five children are now without a mother, leaving the family devastated.

Who killed Akeila Ware?

The exact identity of the shooter has not yet been revealed by the police. The Troup County Sheriff's Office did confirm an arrest was made in Cumberland County, North Carolina on October 7, but declined to share further details. They will deliver an update at a press conference, scheduled for Friday, October 8 at 10.00 am. "A suspect in the murder of Akeila Ware and her unborn child has been arrested and taken into custody in North Carolina. A news conference will be held... to discuss the arrest and further information on the case. No further information will be released at this time," the department said in a Facebook post.



Initially, it was believed Ware was killed in an accident. Officers found her Honda Accord crashed alongside the highway, but closer inspection showed the vehicle was riddled with bullets. "We don’t believe it was random. We do believe that the suspect knew this victim and the victim knew the suspect but we don’t have a good enough name to put out there yet," Sgt Stewart Ward said on October 5. He dubbed the shooting "Very bold, very cold, and very callous." Another officer said, "this was a targeted, senseless crime."

First responders found Ware unconscious inside the car and had to pull her out. She was pronounced dead, along with her child a short while later at a Columbus area hospital. The location of the crash is now marked with two purple balloons. It is unclear who placed them there. The news of the arrest was widely applauded by members of the community. "Now her family will get some peace and others can possibly sleep around town," one person commented. Another said, "Good job guys I'm glad they got him off the streets." 

We'll update this story once the Sheriff's Office holds its press conference, and provides more details. 

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