'Jailbreak Lovers' on Lifetime: How Catherine Bell body-doubled for Isabella Rossellini

'Jailbreak Lovers' on Lifetime: How Catherine Bell body-doubled for Isabella Rossellini
Catherine Bell plays Toby in 'Jailbreak Lovers' (Instagram @therealcatherinebell)

Lifetime's 'Jailbreak Lovers' is based on a true story and follows a lady who has always followed the rules. Meet Toby, who never run a red light, married the only boy she ever dated, had a family, and attended church regularly. She fulfilled all of her responsibilities and more. No one could have predicted that Toby would wind up on the run, shacked up with her younger boyfriend John, a convicted killer, when she quits her job and forms a non-profit to rehabilitate mistreated, rescued canines at the nearby prison. The star-crossed lovers devise a scheme to smuggle John out of jail in one of the dog crates, triggering a government search.

Lifetime has already made a mark with some quality thrillers. If you're looking for more, check out 'What Lies Behind Closed Doors?', ‘Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons', and ‘Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For.’ Scroll down to find out who stars in 'Jailbreak Lovers.'


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Catherine Bell

Catherine Lisa Bell is a British actress and model best known for her roles as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in 'JAG' from 1997 to 2005, Denise Sherwood in 'Army Wives' from 2007 to 2013, and Cassandra "Cassie" Nightingale in Hallmark's 'The Good Witch' films and television series from 2008 to 2021. Catherine was born in London but relocated to California with her Iranian mother when she was two years old. She appeared in several TV commercials as a little girl. She attended UCLA to study biology/pre-medicine before dropping out to become a model in Japan. Bell returned to acting with a Mexican advertisement for American Express and was Isabella Rossellini's naked body double in 'Death Becomes Her' (1992).


Bell's first television role was a single sentence spoken to Gabriel on the short-lived 1990 sitcom 'Sugar and Spice.' She is proficient in Persian and English and enjoys motorcycle riding, skiing, snowboarding, and kickboxing. Bell met actor and production assistant Adam Beason on the set of 'Death Becomes Her' in 1992. They married on May 8, 1994. They have two children, Gemma and Ronan. The couple officially announced their divorce in September 2011. 

Tom Stevens

Thomas James Stevens is a Canadian actor, singer, and producer. He is most recognized for his role in Fox TV's 'Wayward Pines' as Jason Higgins. Stevens routinely plays in Vancouver theatre and gained critical acclaim for his performance as Jerry in 'The Zoo Story' during the 2014 Fringe Festival season. Besides, 'Wayward Pines' earned him a Leo Award for Best Actor in a Guest Starring Role in 2016.


Kalyn Miles

Kalyn is an actress and production designer, known for her roles in 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' (2019), 'The Baby-Sitters Club' (2020), and 'Season's Greetings' (2016).

Kayln Miles (IMDb)

Elinet Louicius

Elinet Louicius was born in Haiti and moved to Canada with his adopted family, settling in Vancouver, British Columbia. He excelled in sports as a kid, particularly football and track and field. He then received a football scholarship at the University of British Columbia.


'Jailbreak Lovers' premieres Saturday, July 2 at 8/7 on Lifetime.

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