14-year-old singer Aja9 talks about her newly released single 'Limbo' and what lies ahead in her musical career

Aja9's new song, 'Limbo, explores the bipolar nature of the teenage years where no one is too young nor is anyone too old.

                            14-year-old singer Aja9 talks about her newly released single 'Limbo' and what lies ahead in her musical career

Aja9’s brand new single “Limbo”, released on October 22. The song reflects a more mature sound from the young songstress. Aja9 co-wrote the song about a current transitional period in her life. “It’s about being in a place where you’re too old for certain things but too young for other things," she explains in a conversation with Meaww. The song displays a level of maturity much greater than her 14 years of age. Supported by a driving, fresh and dynamic beat, the singer’s vocals shine with a strength, poise, and clarity of someone ten years her senior.

Aja9 first garnered international attention when she won Perez Hilton’s “Can U Sing” cover competition. At only 10 years old, Aja captivated audiences with her heart-wrenching rendition of Sia’s hit “Chandelier” and has continued to entertain and delight audiences both in the digital and traditional media space. Now 14, Aja9 is excited about this new chapter in her musical career as she continues to prove herself an unstoppable force in the industry.

Watch her capturing cover of 'Chandelier' below:


What was your inspiration behind writing 'Limbo'? Did it start with the lyrics or the music?

When I wrote Limbo I was writing about feeling as if sometimes I'm too young for certain things and sometimes I'm too old. I often feel like I'm in limbo and trying to find what is right for me at this moment in my life.

The song released on October 22. How content are you with the final product? How would you want your fans to perceive the song?

I LOVE it!  Loved writing it and have loved listening to the evolution of the production by Gazzo.  I hope my fans relate as they can all have moments of Limbo in their lives.

Aja9 took to Instagram to celebrate the release of her new song, 'Limbo'. (Instagram)
Aja9 took to Instagram to celebrate the release of her new song, 'Limbo'. (Instagram)

I understand that you wrote this song at the age of 14, which is very impressive. Could you walk me through your process of songwriting and how it has evolved over the years?

I have been writing for a few years now.  I love writing songs.  It is a great way for me to get my feelings out.  When I first started writing songs they were mostly about two mean girls from middle school. There was definitely a common theme in a few of the first songs I had written.  As I am getting older I feel I have had more experiences to share.  Life is getting really fun but sometimes confusing as I have just started high school.  Lots of things I am trying to navigate.  

Would you call your songs more personal, like a diary entry or are they tour/performance oriented?

Definitely very personal to me.  But I also try to make sure that they will be great performance songs. I have gotten more confident in knowing what songs will be good to perform live.  Usually, they are my most emotional songs and allow an escape to my own mind when I perform them.  I almost feel like I lose myself in the moment.  I love acting so I try to always bring an element of that into my live performances.  I have a handful of those songs I keep in my back pocket for moments I need them.  

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Tell us what changed for you after winning the 'Can U Sing' cover competition?

It was quite exciting. It has changed my life. I actually didn't know I had been submitted to the contest as I had just turned 10 and was very new to social media. My vocal coach had submitted it and I was away at camp.  My parents surprised me with the news on visitors day and brought me home to go on the news and radio. It was a lot of fun.  From there I started performing live more often, recording more covers, and writing original music.  I have been so lucky to have such great support and feel so grateful for all of my opportunities.  Winning the contest has brought amazing opportunities and has allowed me to meet and work with incredible people.  

What would you say has been the biggest achievement for you in your musical journey till now? Are there other professions that call to you?

It's hard to really answer that because I love what I am doing. Writing music, recording, performing are all things I have always loved to do. I still go to school full time so I get to live the best of both worlds. I am very social and love being in high school.  I feel that as I am getting older I have become more opinionated in what music I like and how I want to sound. If I had to choose another profession it would probably be Law, my dad is a lawyer.  It would be fun to work with him. 




What are the top three songs that have inspired/ had an impact on you the most? Why?

'Who's loving you' by the Jackson 5- I have sung that many times.  It's one of those songs I can get lost in and be someone else.  Even if I forget lyrics I can just go off on runs and makeup on my own lyrics.  I love it because it allows me to use so many different voices.  I use my head voice, chest voice, and mix voice.  It's a great song.  'Love On The Brain' by Rhianna- Definitely another song like that for me.  I sang that at my first Disney meeting.  Lyrics might have been a bit risky but I'm sure I modified them.'Tattoo'd Heart' by Ariana Grande- Her voice is insane.  I always love a good challenge and to push myself vocally. She is a true powerhouse. 




What is your favorite genre of music? And which one do you prefer singing the most?

Definitely pop!  But often when I cover something it is about how I feel.  When I connect to a song it allows me to perform effortlessly no matter what the genre is.  

Who is your favorite artist? What makes him/her your favorite artist?

At the moment it would be Ariana Grande. She is insanely talented.  Her vocals are unbelievable.  She can sing anything and her range is out of this world. I have so much respect for her as a vocalist.  I know the training and work that she must do to keep her vocals strong. 

What can fans expect from you in the near future?

I will be dropping an EP very soon.  I have worked very hard on my music.  It is definitely a collection of music that represents me well.  I have pushed myself and exposed myself in my lyrics.  I am preparing for a tour and can't wait to share my music.