Airbnb ‘Inside K-pop’: Date, how to livestream and all you need to know about online festival featuring The Boyz, Monsta X, Cravity and more

In an attempt to show more of the inside world of K-pop idols, Airbnb is bringing an online festival featuring virtual activities like mukbang, making Korean food and more

                            Airbnb ‘Inside K-pop’: Date, how to livestream and all you need to know about online festival featuring The Boyz, Monsta X, Cravity and more
Monsta X, Handong, The Boyz and Cravity (Airbnb)

Airbnb is making K-pop fans' dreams a beaming reality. In this one-of-a-kind event, fans can experience various online activities exclusively with their favorite chart-topping K-pop groups. From making beaded bracelets with fourth-generation K-pop stars The Boyz to an exciting Mukbang session with Joohoney and IM of Mosta X, cooking Korean food in real-time with K-pop rookie group Cravity, fans can enter a number of online intimate events to get to know their K-pop icons more closely.

What is the Airbnb event?

Airbnb in an attempt to show more of the inside world of K-pop idols, is bringing on an online festival 'Inside K-pop' celebrating the world of K-pop music which will feature virtual activities like mukbang, making Korean food, creating beaded bracelets, dance class, mini-concert, an exclusive photoshoot and more with K-pop groups such as The Boyz, Monsta X, Cravity, Dreamcatcher, singer and TV host Jamie Park, singer Nive aka Park Jisoo, choreographer Alexa ZB and more.


Date and time

The online event ‘Inside K-pop’ will continue for a week with 14 K-pop artistes starting on January 25. Tickets for the exclusive events will be available from January 20 at 3 pm PT/ January 21 at 8 am KST. Here are all the details of the event.

Mukbang with Joohoney and IM of Monsta X


Joohoney and IM of Monsta X will join a mukbang with fans to show “the fascinating world of Korean convenience store food!” From samgak gimbap, ramen, sausage, cheese, snacks, ice cream and more, the K-pop stars will join an interactive mukbang session with twenty of their fans in the once in a lifetime event. As a bonus, the K-pop stars will also recommend must-try Korean dishes and places to visit for international K-pop fans. Check here to know all about the exclusive event.

Make beaded bracelets with The Boyz


Mnet ‘Road to Kingdom’ winner The Boyz will come in an exclusive online event to show the fans how to make beaded bracelets. In the 60 minutes stress-relieving event, the K-pop stars will get creative together with fans and also chit chat. Check here to know more about the event.

Cook Korean food with Cravity


The South Korean K-pop rookie group Cravity who debuted in 2020 are going to be joining fans in making traditional Korean food Gongjung Tteokbokki and more. The 60 minutes cooking event with the Kpop group will mainly be hosted in Korean and up to 20 people can join in that event. Check here to know the ingredients you need to keep close to make the dish with Cravity in real-time. 

Exclusive photoshoot with DreamCatcher’s Handong


The K-pop group Dreamcatcher’s Handong will share the experience of a live photoshoot with fans through the online session. Along with sharing the inside of what happens in a K-pop photoshoot, Handong will also be seen sharing tips on how to be ‘photogenic’, tips to perfect that Instagram-ready postures, facial expressions, and more.

Learn Ateez’s choreography with BB Trippin

Famous K-pop choreographer BB Trippin is inviting Ateez fans for an exclusive to learn Ateez’s choreography in a real-time event. Join the choreographer through the video call and learn some stunning choreography in 60 minutes. Check here for more details.

Mini concert with Nive


Nive who recently co-composed a track ‘Blue and Grey’ with BTS V in BTS’ latest album ‘BE’ is coming up with a mini-concert with K-pop fans. To catch the singer live singing some of his hit tracks and sharing behind composing stories of his iconic tracks like ‘Blue and Grey’ and EXO’s ‘Groove’, join the event on January 28 at 9.30 am to 10.30 IST.

More K-pop events include getting ready with Jamie Park in a special K-beauty routine, learn some sharp choreography with Alexa ZB, photoshoot with Kpop star Kevin woo, and more. To check out more exciting experiences from the ‘Inside K-pop’, click here.

How to live stream

All the tickets for the events will be available on the Airbnb site. Click here to get the tickets.


What are fans saying?

K-pop fans are super excited at this unique opportunity to get to know their K-pop idols up close and personal. A Monsta X fan said, “I'm definitely very curious! Our Honey and Changkyunie, you say? That sounds like the best choice ever?! Well, you've captured my interest for sure!” Another fan said, “OMG this is awesome!! So excited. But... Why only 20 people?? It's so little!”




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