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Ahmaud Arbery’s accused killers don't want him to be called 'victim' in court, Internet slams 'ridiculous' request

The father-son duo Gregory and Travis McMichael think 'loaded words' might persuade the court into taking a decision against them
Accused killers Gregory and Travis McMichael (Getty Images)
Accused killers Gregory and Travis McMichael (Getty Images)

Ahmaud Arbery should not be referred to as a “victim” during court proceedings, the lawyers of the father-son duo allegedly responsible for his death claimed. The lawyers for Gregory and Travis McMichael have filed a paper regarding the request at the Chatham County Superior Court, TMZ reported. Other requests made on behalf of the alleged killers included their prison calls being barred from being used as evidence in court while Arbery’s criminal record should be discussed. 

The attorneys have also requested that only one “in life” photo of Arbery should be shown in the court, but not in front of his friends and family. Besides, Black Lives Matter face masks should not be allowed. The step has been taken because the suspects think “loaded words” might persuade the court to take a decision against them.

Earlier reports stated that the 25-year-old Black man was shot dead by the White pair in February 2020 while he was jogging near Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia. Graphic footage of the alleged incident released later showed Gregory and Travis McMichael chasing Arbery in their truck before killing him. William “Roddie” Bryan, who recorded the fatal shooting, alleged that the younger McMichael called the victim “f—ing n—–” after firing his shotgun. Bryan was also eventually charged with the murder of Arbery.

A mural depicting Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia (Getty Images)

The trial date of the case has not been finalized and the motion is yet to be seen by a judge. But the requests filed by the father-son pair has stirred a lot of anger on social media. A person on Twitter wrote, “So the father and son who murder Ahmaud Arbery, filed a motion in court saying they don't want anybody to calling Ahmaud a "Victim"?” Another one said, “So the animals who hunted and murdered Ahmaud Arbery don’t want him to be referred to as a victim in court.” “Murderers don't want the man they killed to be called as a victim! THis is the most ridiculous thing ever requested by murderers,” the third user tweeted.




“The Caucasity! That DEEP, DEEP ingrained racism won’t even allow those monsters to see the person THEY killed as a victim! Smh,” the fourth person commented. The fifth one said angrily, “Crap how much more PC can this bloody World get?  They murdered a young lad .... he’s the victim !!!” “‘The McMichaels also want a judge to keep their jail calls from being used as evidence — but allow mention of Arbery’s criminal record during their trial.’ For that give them the death penalty already,” the sixth user suggested.




“The perverted thinking of these father/son hillbillies is: "A 25 year old man brimming with vitality had the audacity to go jogging while black in my neighborhood. So we shot him dead. He is not a victim." Make no mistake in believing otherwise: Mr. Arbery was a murder victim,” one said while the second added, “This would be hilarious it the situation wasn't so frkin PATHETIC! THESE RACIST BASTARDS murdered a man in cold blood but have the nerve to want HIS criminal record admitted but not their jail calls... Wonder why? And he IS the victim you worms. So die slow and burn slower.”