'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Michael Yo and Crystal Powell bring on the laughs, judges love their passion

Both Michael Yo and Crystal realized that it was never too late to follow their passions and their entertaining sets made their progress to the next round a fun watch

                            'America's Got Talent' Season 15: Michael Yo and Crystal Powell bring on the laughs, judges love their passion
Michael Yo and Crystal Powell (NBC)

'America's Got Talent': Season 15 just gave us another incredible display of show-stopping talent and impressive acts on Tuesday night. Along with the impressive musical performances and athletic skills on display were two stand-up comedians, Michael Yo and Crystal Powell, whose passion and dedication to chasing their dreams definitely inspired us while making us all laugh at their hilarious routines.

This time around there was no live studio audience energy to feed off of, as the episode had been taped during the coronavirus quarantine period, but all four judges more than made up for it with their spontaneous feedback and positive reactions. Also missing was AGT judge Heidi Klum, who was still out sick, but Eric Stonestreet of 'Modern Family' fame once again graciously filled in for her, alongside his former costar Sofia Vergara and the other jury stalwarts, Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel.

Micheal Yo (NBC)

The first comedian up was the beaming 45-year-old Michael Yo, who revealed that he had actually interviewed every single one of the judges during his former days as a celebrity news reporter in Los Angeles. However, Michael also revealed that after some soul-searching, he realized what he really wanted to do was stand-up comedy, since all the stars he was interviewing were busy following their own life goals. Although he now had a wife and young child, with their support, Michael decided to take the plunge into stand-up comedy, which he quickly realized was the dream gig he had been searching for his entire life. 

Michael was charismatic and effortlessly funny, talking about growing old with plenty of sparkling wit and instant relatability. Some of the jokes during his standup routine included calculating sleep schedules and questioning who was beating people up in their sleep as they edged past 35 because they always got up sore and in terrible shape to start the day. He also made everyone chuckle with a routine that contrasted young people and older folk. According to Michael, young people in their 20s thrived on unpredictability and going crazy when going outside, while older people desperately needed a set routine and predictable schedules since even a random trip to an unknown restaurant might bring food poisoning. He wrapped up his act by realizing that he was slowly turning into a new version of his old-timer parents. 



Sofia loved his fresh style and comedic chops, while Howie complimented his rhythm, voice, and passion. Simon said he loved his story and his attitude, saying he did a fantastic job. Eric also agreed it was a hilarious audition and commended his for following his dreams. Michael broke out into tears of joy on hearing their positive reaction and walked out with four yesses.  

Similarly, another talented comedian who came to AGT to follow her passion was Crystal Powell, a 46-year-old from Tatum, Texas. As a small-town girl growing up with big hopes, Crystal was always egged on and encouraged by her mother and family to pursue her dreams. Now based in Los Angeles and working in marketing, Crystal realized that she wanted to bring laughter to the world and came to 'America's Got Talent' hoping that it would be a career-changing move. 

Crystal Powell (NBC)

Crystal's stand-up routine was hysterical and well-constructed as she cleverly contrasted the differences between her black friends and white friends. One of her hilarious routines included hearing from her friends about how her husband was probably cheating on her and mimed spying on him by pretending the stool on the 'AGT' stage was a window she was peeking through. Her brilliant closer was a rib-tickling bit about how her white and black friends tended to sing the national anthem differently, artfully showing how most black women tended to sing like a diva ala Whitney Houston or Jennifer Hudson with a spot-on impression.

Her outstanding and entertaining set earned her big praise from all four judges. Simon said he loved her and that she was naturally gifted. Howie noted that she was funny, energetic, and beautiful, while Eric commended her physical and unique brand of comedy and loved her clever usage of props in her act. Sofia also agreed that it was super fun and loved her voice, meaning all four judges gave her an emphatic yes. Crystal was pleased as punch on hearing the good news and celebrated enthusiastically, endearing her to the audience. 



It's heartening to see that comics like Michael and Crystal are still chasing their bucket list dreams in their mid-40s. But that's exactly what 'America's Got Talent' is all about, proving that it's a platform for transformation and inspiration while showcasing the best talent that the nation has got to offer. You can catch up with more exciting episodes of 'Americas Got Talent' every Tuesday night on NBC at 8 pm ET.

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